Sony has started to roll out invites to select PS5 users to take part in the Cloud Streaming beta, first mentioned in June.

Cloud Streaming for the PS5 has been a long time coming. This is Sony’s first major step in the cloud gaming space.

Below, we’re going to cover how to access the PS5 Cloud Streaming beta and exactly what it entails.


How to Access the PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta

To access the PS5 Cloud Streaming beta, you need to receive an email invite from Sony. You must ensure that you have a PS Plus Premium subscription and have signed up for the PS5 Beta Program.

It’s very important to note that beta invites for cloud streaming are being sent out to PS5 users at random. Meeting the above requirements does not guarantee an invite from Sony.

To make sure you are eligible for an invite, meet these requirements first:

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll receive an email invitation asking you to take part:

PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta email invite
Credit: JoystikJester

What is the PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta?

The PS5 Cloud Streaming beta allows select PS Plus Premium subscribers to stream games in up to 4K max resolution.

As mentioned in the reveal of PS5 Cloud Streaming in Sony’s June 14 blog post, the titles eligible for streaming “includes PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Game Trials, as well as supported digital PS5 titles that players own”.

User ArashiGames has managed to test the service and posted a picture on the RestEra forums. It shows God of War Ragnarok streaming at 2160p with “no issues so far”. It also seems to load from your Cloud game saves directly.

The available resolutions will be dependent on “your network connection quality and video output resolution”.

The resolution options are: 720p, 1080, 1440p, and 2160p.

PS5 Cloud Streaming Beta 4K resolution settings
Credit: ArashiGames

So far, you can only stream games to the PS5, but we imagine Cloud Streaming will be a huge part of Sony’s upcoming Project Q handheld device.

Project Q is a portable device that allows you to stream already-installed PS5 games through Remote Play using a local Wi-Fi connection.

Project Q PS5

Extending their Cloud Streaming support to Project Q seems like a no-brainer and gives players more of a reason a warrant a purchase of the handheld.

Despite a lack of an official release date for both Project Q and Cloud Streaming, all PS Plus Premium subscribers will gain access to Cloud Streaming when it eventually makes its public release.

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