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PS5 Monthly Sales Numbers Breaks Nintendo Switch Best Selling Console Streak

The PS5 has broken a new sales numbers record, finally catching up with the Nintendo Switch as the monthly best-selling console.

Sony’s current-gen console has been a tremendous success.

PS5 was officially declared Sony’s fastest-selling console some time ago.

The demand has been so high that scarcity has been an issue since launch.

Now, PS5 has conquered yet another sales record under its belt.

PS5 Best Selling Console September
Source: Sony

PS5 Breaks the Monthly Best Selling Console Record

Nintendo hold this record for quite some time.

According to the market research NPD Group, Nintendo Switch dominated this chart for 33 straight months!

Now, the PS5 took the crown for the month of September, breaking Nintendo Switch’s long streak.

On both ends, it is an impressive feat.

As per NPD data, the PS5 was the best-selling platform for September in both units and revenue.

One curious detail is that PS5 has been the biggest dollar performer in 2021, but Nintendo Switch has sold more units overall.

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Considering the age of Nintendo’s current hardware, it is an impressive achievement to still dominate market sales in this fashion.

Additionally, the NPD added that Nintendo’s streak began in November 2018, when the last monthly best-seller was Sony’s PS4.

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It is remarkable that it took current-gen consoles close to a year to catch up with Nintendo’s hybrid console’s sales figures.

PS5 has been selling so well that Sony even opened a registration site to participate in PlayStation Direct restocks.

Furthermore, some retailers have canceled confirmed PS5 orders due to not being able to meet the high demand.

To make things even a bit more complex PS5 restocks have been delayed during October for several reasons.

We hope the availability situation becomes more stable as we get closer to the Holiday season.

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