The most recent firmware update for the PS5 system software Beta Program has been released and brings with it a whole host of interesting new features.

Selected participants already signed up for the Beta Program can enjoy some brand-new software options, including Dolby Atmos support and an increased limit for M.2 SSD storage.

Sony plan on bringing these features to all PS5 users later in the year. For now, only those invited to take part in the Beta Program can download the update.

Below we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the new PS5 beta update, including what it includes and how to sign up for the Program for a chance to take part in future updates.

New Features in PS5 Beta Update

The PS5 beta update released on 31 July 2023 introduced a variety of much sought-after features, including support for Dolby Atmos, revamped accessibility features, and the ability to install larger SSDs.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the next beta update, be sure to check out our step-by-step guide on how to sign up for the PS5 Beta Program here.

Here’s a full list of everything included in the update:

  • Social Feature Enhancements
    • Party UI updates
    • Share Screen Preview
    • Join a Friend’s Game Session More Easily
    • “Tournaments” Tile Added to Game Hub Section
    • React to Messages With Emojis

Support for Dolby Atmos-enabled Audio Devices

Sony’s 3D Tempest AudioTech could only previously be experienced through headphones, but can now be used in conjunction with Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices.

This means that PS5 beta users can now experience 3D Audio with any compatible soundbars, TVs, or home theatre systems.

Dolby Atmos support in PS5 Beta Program Update
Source: PlayStation

Support for Larger Capacity M.2 SSDs

Beta users can now install M.2 SSDs into the PS5 with a max capacity of 8TB. This doubles the previous capacity of 4TB and will allow players to download and install games to their heart’s content.

PS5 Western Digital M.2 SSD being inserted into a PS5

New Accessibility Features

The beta update introduces a brilliant accessibility feature that allows two controllers to operate the PS5 as if it was one controller.

This is great for assisting gamers of all ages and backgrounds who may be having difficulty with challenging portions of a game.

Second Controller Accessibility feature in PS5 Beta Program Update
Source: PlayStation

Ease-of-use Features

Finally, we have the option to turn off the beep. Late-night gamers rejoice! Beta users get to finally turn off the notorious beep sound when the PS5 is turned on.

There’s also a variety of quality-of-life features that have been added, including the ability to search for specific games in your library and improvements to the “Game Help” and “Discover” sections.

Game Help improvements in PS5 Beta Program Update
Source: PlayStation

Social Feature Enhancements

A plethora of social features come with the update, including subtle UI improvements across the board, Emoji reactions to messages, and the ability to join your friend’s game sessions a lot more easily.

A pretty neat feature is the ability to see a preview image of your friend’s share screen before you enter their party. Now you will know what they’re up to before even saying a word!

Join Party improvements in PS5 Beta Program Update
Source: PlayStation
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