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PS5 Consoles Arriving In-Store at Target, Employee Reveals – June 2021

There’s a new PS5 restock at Target, but this one is a little different from others, as consoles begin to arrive in-store.

We’re in the midst of E3, now 7 months after the launch of the PS5, and gamers are still on the search for a next-gen console. With regular weekly restocks proving not to be enough, PlayStation’s console flies in and out of stock before most consumers can even load up a website.

Thankfully, we recently learned about this major retailer beginning to put PS5 restocks on store shelves, ensuring that scalpers are unable to get them. And now it looks as though Target is following suit.

Not long ago, Sony announced that the end of the PS5 shortage is in sight. Now, it looks like we’re finally seeing evidence to back up those claims.

Target PS5 Restocks June 2021
(Source: Target)

If you’re still looking for a next-gen console, our lightning-fast PS5 stock trackers will update you the moment a device is available!

Target PS5 Restock In-Store – June 2021

According to new claims from a Target employee, PS5 consoles are now arriving in stores.

Instead of battling against thousands of other eager gamers online, it may finally be possible to find a console on store shelves. In new reports, a Reddit user claiming to work at Target indicates that more PS5s are finally coming to stores.

If these claims are true, you’ll be able to buy your PS5 directly from your local Target, but this will allegedly vary from store to store.

“Please remain calm and respectful, because some places will make decisions based on the attitude you give them,” joserod93 writes. “Ask if they have any in stock and if they are willing to sell it in store. If you decide to go through with it, please be respectful to the team members because at the end of the day it really depends on what instructions they’ve been given.”

The Reddit user claims to have looked into this new console policy over the last couple of days. They report that being able to buy a console in-store really depends on the store itself, or possibly district rules.

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(Source: Sony)

We’d say it’s worth a shot for all those who have a local Target, and you’ll be able to call ahead to save yourself a trip. But Target isn’t the only store that’s offering PS5s on shelves right now.

One of the US’ biggest retailers is restocking PS5 in-stores right now! And this being the third example of console stock arriving physically in-store, we’re confident that more are soon to follow.

But if you prefer to shop online, there’s good news for you too:

PS5 Restock: GameStop, Antonline, Best Buy, Walmart & More Expected to Drop This Week – June 14-20

There’s also a new Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart PS5 bundle popping up in stores around the world! And in case you haven’t already seen, PS5 restocks are getting huge changes at Target!

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