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PS5 Adds 1440p Support, Gamelists & New Social Features

The latest PlayStation 5 update adds the anticipated 1440p support to the PS5, as well as some other features too.

With the PlayStation 5’s second birthday coming up, many players are finally getting their next-generation consoles as the supply issues slow down.

And while the PS5 is a beloved console, it isn’t perfect, which is why Sony consistently updates the system, offering players their highly-requested features.

And the latest update brings 1440p support to PlayStation 5, as well as other community-requested features that will make the console even better.

PlayStation 5 System Update Beta Adds 1440p Support and Other Features

The latest system software update for PlayStation 5 offers a few features in Beta, with the update rolling out to more countries soon.

PS5 Consoles

1440p Support

Of course, the biggest feature is the long-awaited 1440p support. If the game you’re playing offers 4K but not native 1440p, you may benefit from improved anti-aliasing.

You’ll need a compatible 1440p monitor or TV to be able to do this. You can find out if your device is compatible by selecting “Test 1440p Output” under the “Screen and Video” category within settings. However, you’ll need the update first.


That’s not all! With the latest update comes Gamelists, a new feature that allows players to organize their library. Players can have up to 15 Gamelists, with a maximum of 100 games per list. And fortunately, you can have one game on numerous lists.

PlayStation Update Beta Offers 1440p Support and Gamelists

Any game from your collection can be added to a list, including digital, disc, and streaming titles from the new PlayStation Plus tiers. Why not add some of the games from our best PS Plus Extra games to a new Gamelist?

Audio, Social and Other Features

Players can also compare 3D Audio and Stereo Audio with the latest update, as well as have easier access to in-progress activities in games.

Finally, there are some new social features to make playing with friends and family easier. You can now request party members to share their screens. You’ll also get notifications when a party member plays a game you can join.

And lastly, you can view friends’ profiles in accepted requests. You’ll also be able to send stickers and voice messages in Game Base.


How to Get the Latest Update With 1440p for the PlayStation 5

Currently, the latest update is in the Beta stages. This means that participants will need to be invited by PlayStation to use these features.

You’ll need to make sure you’re registered for PlayStation system betas. If you’re not, you can sign up for PlayStation testing here.

Sony is currently rolling out the update to several countries. If you’re selected to participate, you’ll receive an email asking you to take part in the test.

All of these new features should make your experience with the PlayStation 5 even better. And if you’re looking to use these new social features, why not check out our best free games on PlayStation in 2022?

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