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These PS5 Accessories Include the Playstation Symbols Texture

Sony continues to flex its design muscle on its PS5 products, as users on the Internet have found tiny PlayStation symbols on more accessories.

As we get closer to the launch of the PS5, tiny details about the hardware continue to trickle out. This time, two accessories take center stage.

Which New Accessories Feature Those Iconic Symbols?

People continue to get their hands on accessories before the launch of the PS5, and more Easter eggs have been discovered.

DualSense Charging Station

A Reddit user by the name of Thenadamgoes has discovered that the DualSense charging station features the classic PlayStation symbols speckled throughout its crevices.

The symbols only appear to be on the inside on the charging dock. This makes sense, considering the PS5 itself also feature those same symbols on the inside of its side panels.

PULSE 3D Wireless Headset

Thenadamgoes also showed the PULSE 3D wireless headset to feature the same tiny crosses, squares, circles and triangles as well. As the microscope is pushed up against the headset, it reveals the symbols throughout the inside of the headband.

It's cool that Sony spent so much time on something that a lot of people probably won't even notice. This also brings a nice sense of cohesion to the entirety of the PS5's product line that wouldn't have been there otherwise.

This shouldn't be a surprising thing. We've already learned that the DualSense controller and the console also share this mind-blowing detail. The media remote has it as well.

The design team at Sony knocked it out the park with this one. They also did good work in getting the PS5 down to size.


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