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PS5 Accessories Are Already Arriving in Stores

With launch day still a number of weeks away, PS5 accessories are already arriving in stores.

It’s that exciting period just before a new console’s launch, and gamers everywhere are beginning to spot references to their new devices in the wild. Despite not being available to take home just yet, that includes new PS5 accessories which are arriving in stores.

Pictures from a Reddit user’s local Best Buy indicate that PS5 accessories are already appearing on store shelves. Whether this is a mistake or not is anybody’s guess, but it does prove that major retailers already have their stock of the accessories.

ps5 accessories
(Source: PlayStation)

This shouldn’t be too surprising, given that the equipment is set to launch before the PS5 release date. In fact, you can get your hands on a PS5 controller from as early as this coming Friday.

Are the PS5 Accessories Early Arrivals a Mistake?

Still, other users who work in retail suggest that this early shelving might be more likely a mistake on Best Buy’s part. Since the kit’s release date is still a week away, purchasing is not yet possible.

Selling a device prior to the release date would be a sure-fire way to lose Sony’s business. Right now, the Best Buy tills likely won’t even allow for the new accessories to scan without bringing up an error message.

But if the devices are actually stored inside that packaging, it’s more than possible that some gamers have already shoplifted the new tech. After all, there aren’t even any protective casings stopping potential thieves from simply walking out with their new find.

However, this could be a way to drum up excitement for the product, assuming the boxes are empty. You won’t be able to get your hands on the new PS5 accessories just yet, but it’s only a matter of days until you can.

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Best Buy PS5 Accessories
(Source: Reddit)

We’re certain that Best Buy isn’t the only one showing off their new hardware either. Other major retailers will be following suit, putting out PS5 kit over the next few days.

After this week’s announcement that PS5 accessories are releasing before the console, it makes us wonder how long major stores knew about the early release. It still doesn’t make much sense as to why gamers can get a controller before the PS5 even ships.

This week, we also learned that custom PS5 faceplates are real and available to pre-order. Sadly, these PS5 accessories won’t be arriving in stores early too.

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