The PS5 is now available for its lowest-ever price, thanks to a new $50 discount at major retailers! But could a newer model be just around the corner?

If you’ve been waiting patiently to pick up a console upgrade, now could be the perfect time. As rumors circulate about a new, slimmer PS5 model, Sony could be getting rid of its existing stock.

Now gamers can take advantage of the $50 discount and pick up their PS5 for a steal. But should you buy right away or wait for the alleged announcement?

Where to Get a $50 Discount on the PS5

Major retailers in the US are offering a $50 discount on the PS5 right now. Here’s where to find your PlayStation for the best price:

For just $50 more than the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition’s $399.99 price tag, picking up the Disc PS5 is now a no-brainer. After all, that’s less than the cost of a full-price game release between them.

Sadly, the Digital PS5 is not receiving a similar $50 discount, which would have been quite the offer!

Should I Buy the Reduced Price PS5?

It’s worth mentioning that if the rumors are true, a new PS5 ‘Slim’ with a detachable disc drive should be announced very soon.

However, the initial report by Insider Gaming does suggest that the hardware will be identical to that of the existing PS5 – so it won’t be any form of upgrade.

PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

In fact, if the leak is correct, the PlayStation will be the same in all ways, except it’ll have a detachable disc drive that plugs in via a USB-C at the console’s rear end.

Allegedly the console is set to release in September 2023, which could mean that a reveal is imminent.

And although Slim models do tend to come with a price drop, we wouldn’t imagine that purchasing the PS5 bundle that contains that additional disc drive will be much cheaper than the Disc Edition PS5’s current price of $449.99.

Therefore, getting $50 off the base console now would likely be a better deal than waiting for this new variant to drop.

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