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PS5 4K Videos Makes the Next-Gen Console Look Beautiful

New videos of the PS5 are surfacing online, and the next-gen console looks absolutely beautiful.

With only a month remaining until the PlayStation 5 launch, it feels like we’ve only just seen the console in action. Finally, a range of new images and videos published by Famitsu are arriving online.

The footage shows off the upcoming next-gen console at astounding resolutions. The PS5 4K videos look truly spectacular, and we can finally get a good look at the sizeable machine.

PS5 4K Video Showcase

First up, the PS5 4K video shows off some new footage of the console while running games. As the demonstrater plays the upcoming action-slasher Godfall, both the console and DualSense Controller can be seen.

The high resolution footage is some of the cleanest we’ve ever seen of the PS5. Sony allowing select Japanese players to go hands-on with the device has been a breath of fresh air after months of secrecy.

DualSense Controller Close-Up

Next up, the DualSense controller gets its own showcase video. The all-white controller looks beautiful both when in use, and when shown off in a new 3D render.

The new triggers look particularly robust, and we’re excited to see more of the DualSense’s haptic feedback. While Sony has been upgrading its DualShock consoles for years at this point, we can safely say that this new design looks like the strongest one yet.

PS5’s SSD is a Game-Changer

The PS5’s SSD is also shown off, but not with internal footage. Instead, the video demonstrates what it’s like to play Astro’s Playroom.

In the pre-installed PS5 launch title, players can meet their demise in a number of ways. When this happens, the level is reset almost instantly, allowing players get right back into the action.

This quick loading is all thanks to the PS5’s SSD storage system. Although a new leak suggests the PlayStation 5 only has 625GB of storage, that drive can be accessed with incredible speed.

New Godfall PS5 4K Video

Next up, we’re treated to 8 minutes of new Godfall gameplay. The action game is set to be one of the PS5’s launch titles.

Despite this game not being as highly-anticipated as some of the PS5’s strong launch line-up, many users will likely end up picking it up on release day.

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The trailer ends with a particularly cinematic boss battle that is sure to have players eager to see the follow-up.

New Astro’s Playroom PS5 4K Video

Finally, we also get an extended look at what Astro’s Playroom has to offer. With the game coming loaded in on all PS5 consoles, this could well be the most-played title of the next generation.

The game does a great job of showing off the new DualSense controller’s functionality. At some points, players will make use of the touch screen, microphone, and of course the new haptoc feedback triggers.

With super-fast loading times, the game looks like a blast to finally play. And a good pack-in title coming with a console has certainly been long-overdue.

Thanks to Japanese hands-on demonstrations, we’ve also learned that the PS5 is almost completely silent when running these titles. What’s more, the PS5 cold boot time is truly outstanding and it might be the biggest game-changer of the new generation.

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