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PS4 Update 8.00 Bug Is Causing Wi-Fi Disconnects

PS4 users are reporting that update version 8.0 is causing major issues, including Wi-Fi disconnects.

Despite launching just last week, PS4 system software update 8.00 is already causing major issues. According to several PlayStation fans, ver. 8.00 appears to be causing disconnects from the PS Network.

If you’ve seen the ‘You’ve Been Disconnected from the PlayStation Network’ notification a lot lately, you’re not alone. In fact, many users believe that the issue could stem from the system’s recent update.

What Did PS4 Update 8.00 Do?

PS4 New Update 8.00

The newest PlayStation update brought new changes to the way players experience messaging. Now, Party and Messages are more closely linked, and players form Groups when communicating.

On top of that, Sony created a range of new avatars for players to use, and parental controls got more accessible. But what the update might also have done is mean that PS4 users are now having major Wi-Fi issues.

This particular bug makes it impossible to play online games, even on stable connections, and it could be to do with update 8.00.

Is the PlayStation Update Causing Wi-Fi Disconnects?

As of this moment, we don’t know that the PS4 update is definitely to blame, but many players appear to be experiencing the disconnects. Reddit user Mykey_Nich comments that their Wi-Fi is ‘very good’, but it’s been randomly disconnecting recently.

Fall Guys Disconnect
(Source: Mediatonic)

Those with the issue report that the disconnects from the PlayStation network are happening every 3-5 minutes. One user complains that the notification sound keeps interrupting their Ghost of Tsushima gameplay.

However, it’s those that are playing online that are really suffering from the issue. Apparently, the issue’s frequency means that Mykey_Nich can’t get further than the first round of Fall Guys before getting hit by a disconnection.

How to Fix PlayStation Wi-Fi Disconnecting

If this turns out to be a legitimate bug with PlayStation version 8.00, Sony will likely have a patch out before long. In the meantime, there are other steps that will help you fix your PS4 connection issues.

One possible way to prevent connection problems is by using a wired connection. Ethernet cables offer fast and stable connection options that are often superior to Wi-Fi.

However, to prevent a cable running from your router to your PS4, gamers can make use of a Powerline Adapter instead. These handy devices will allow you to plug in an ethernet cable from any plug socket and save you some hassle.

It’s also worth pointing out that more than a few people have reported microwaves causing issues with Wi-Fi. You might want to consider moving your router, or even your PS4, for better connection quality.

This isn’t the only issue to come out of PlayStation’s latest update. In fact, PlayStation update 8.00’s caused major issues to both Parties and Messages on launch.

What’s more, Sony faced a huge backlash after indicating that PS4 party chats may be recorded. All in all, this latest update has gone anything but smoothly for both Sony and gamers alike.