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PS4 Pro’s Future Uncertain According to Recent Rumors

The PS4 Pro is no longer being sold on Sony’s PlayStation Direct store. What could this mean going forward?

Now that the PS4 Pro has (at least for the moment) vanished from Sony’s PlayStation Direct store, many people are starting to speculate why. The prevailing theory is that Sony has discontinued the mid-gen console.

However, this has not been confirmed or denied by the Japanese gaming giant. The PS4 is also out of stock on the Direct store. However, this may simply be a stock issue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After all, all major retailers are experiencing problems with PlayStation stock, particularly the PS5. But this is the first time any PS4 stock has been considered low.

The PS4 Pro is no longer being sold on Sony’s PlayStation Direct store. What could this mean going forward?

What’s most interesting is a message on the PS4 Pro’s page that reads, “There are currently no plans to restock this item in the future.” Something which has added fuel to the fire of those speculating the console may be permanently discontinued.

We can see why people may consider a PS4 Pro, especially if they’ve struggled to buy a PS5 since launch. If this is you, then check out what Best Buy is planning for Christmas.

Has the PS4 Pro Been Discontinued?

Sony has said that they will continue to support the PS4 family of consoles for the next few years. But now that the PS5 is here is the PS4 Pro redundant?

It may make sense for Sony to discontinue the console to encourage players to purchase a PS5 instead. This also raises the question, who would buy a new PS4 Pro now that the PS5 exists?

Its sensible for Sony to keep supporting the vanilla PS4; after all, it’s been the second most successful games console of all time. Meaning it’s owned and still used by many people who won’t yet have upgraded to PS5.

The PS4 Pro’s purpose is now somewhat redundant since the release of the PS5. So it’s plausible that Sony could be quietly killing PlayStation’s first foray into 4K gaming.

Although we’ll need to wait for official confirmation from Sony before knowing for certain. But it does beg the question, why purchase a console that’s halfway to next-gen when you can go all-in?

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