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PS3 Games Appear on PS5 Store Amid Backwards Compatibility Rumors

It appears that PS3 games may soon be playable directly on PS5 consoles, as the titles begin to appear on the PlayStation Store.

Backward compatibility is something that is important to a lot of gamers in 2022. As we head further into the next generation of gaming, it’s important to still have a way to play older titles.

Thankfully, PS5s still allow users to play PS4 titles, an important feature as not all releases currently launch on next-gen. But when it comes to PS3 games, it’s a little harder to access the titles.

PS5 DualSense

Users can stream PS2 and PS3 titles using PlayStation Now from a PS5 console. However, it appears that the way backwards compatibility works could soon be changing for PS5 owners.

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PlayStation Spartacus Subscription Service Launching Soon?

Could this be Sony getting ready for its new codename ‘Spartacus’ subscription service which is rumored to feature backwards compatibility?

We’ve heard in the past that Sony is getting a counterpunch ready for Xbox Game Pass. Then, in December last year, Bloomberg reported that Sony’s new project is currently known as Spartacus.

The service will allegedly combine PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now, phasing out the relatively unpopular streaming service in place of a new one.

With Spartacus, players will reportedly be able to pay for 3 tiers of content, the third of which includes a library of classic PlayStation titles from all generations.

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ps5 games on PS5 store

Now PS5 users are discovering that select PS3 titles already have store prices when viewing from a PS5. As VGC’s Jordan Middler points out, this likely indicates that backwards compatibility is closer than we think on PS5.

Right now, the PS3 titles with price tags include the Prince of Persia series and Dead or Alive 5, which shouldn’t be available on the platform. Whether this is an error or a sign of an imminent change to the PS5 store remains to be seen.

UPDATE: New evidence suggests that this could simply be a visual bug, but we’re interested to see how Sony responds.

Meanwhile, Sony just had its biggest-ever PC launch with a AAA PS4 title. Could the success of its recent Steam releases provoke the publisher to pay more attention to PC in the future?

More importantly, can Spartacus live up to the market domination of the Xbox Game Pass? In the past, we’ve seen Sony Boss Jim Ryan claim that subscription models would be unsustainable for PlayStation Studios, but it seems one is coming.

Don’t expect PS5’s biggest upcoming games to launch on the service. But if you’re a fan of playing older titles, the subscription service could be just what you’re looking for.

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