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PS2 Themed PS5 Consoles Are Coming on Sale – But There’s A Catch

The sleek PS2 themed PS5 consoles are real but they and those who want one, face multiple challenges.

We admit they look beautiful, not to mention holding all the power of a PS5 but with the nostalgic style of the PS2. Did any console ever really do it better?

Let’s be honest; the PS2 is still the best-selling console of all time. Despite the PS4 coming after its record.

Therefore, we can see why the internet has fallen in love with the PS2 themed PS5 consoles – so have we. But alas, not many people will end up owning one.

That’s because the manufacturers, SUP3R5, are only making 304 units. So, it’s probably easier to get your hands on a regular PS5. And with the stock shortages, that’s saying something!

The PS2 themed PS5 consoles will go on sale 3pm EST / 12pm PT / 8pm GMT on the 8th of January, so go for it if you want to try your luck. Who knows, if you’ve not yet managed to secure a PS5, this may be the one you do get – which would make the whole saga worth it.

UPDATE: It seems that this unique take on the PS5 has now been canceled, following SUP3R5 receiving "credible threats to their safety." The original story continues below.

It is worth pointing out that these custom designs are more expensive than regular PS5s. They will retail for $649, but scalpers are selling standard consoles for much more.

Of course, there’s another challenge possibly on the horizon for SUP3R5; Sony may crackdown on them anytime. In recent months the tech giant has stopped the efforts of various third-party companies creating custom PS5 parts.

Those that customize an entire console then resell it are also likely to face similar reprisals from Sony. At least we’d be very surprised if they didn’t.

If you’re still trying to secure a regular PS5 console (not a PS2 themed PS5), then here’s who’s having PS5 restocks this week.

Those in the US can check out our stock tracker here too. We also have one for our readers in the UK here.


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