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Limited Edition PS1 and PS2 Themed DualSense Controllers Are Now Available

A third-party company is selling PS5 DualSense controllers but in the style of the PS1 and PS2 controllers. But the stock is limited!

While the PS1 and PS2-themed DualSense controllers are unofficial and not licensed by Sony. They do a great job of imitating the classic PlayStation controllers, but with all the mod-cons of the PS5 DualSense.

The PS1 DualSense features the classic grey of the original PS1 controller. In contrast, the PS2 controller is plain black. However, both sport the colorful PS logo on the home button instead of the black and white design of the standard PS5 DualSense.

It’s strange to see the older PlayStation controller designs applied to the much more advanced DualSense. It gives us a nice nostalgic feeling and reminds us how far the brand has come.

It’s especially nice if you’re a fan who’s stuck with PlayStation since the early PS1 days. The PS1 DualSense reminds us of the PS4 controller’s PS1 redesign, released to celebrate PlayStation’s 20th Anniversary back in 2014.

The PS1-themed PS4 controller was officially licensed by Sony, unlike these new classic themed versions. It will be interesting to see if Sony release their own in time - and how this would compare to these unofficial designs.

Both of these new controllers are essentially standard (official) PS5 DualSense controllers, but given a custom paint job. So we’re very intrigued to see if Sony could do better!

More Custom PS5 DualSense Controller Designs

The company also produces various other custom DualSense designs, including Spider-Man, Batman, Fortnite, and Dragon Ball Z.

And they don't come cheap; the PS2 DualSense controller costs $148 while the popular PS1 design is more expensive, at $164. But considering the regular white DualSense is around $80, we think it’s a pretty good deal.

Move fast though, as stock is very limited, and they are only producing a select few of each. There also may be a risk of Sony clamping down on the third-party company as they have to several others.

Although we’re unsure of the legalities behind the custom designs, but we assume they are above board.

In recent months, Sony has been pretty clear that they aren’t fond of third-party companies modifying and re-selling their products. Or even creating their own products based on Sony’s designs – such as the custom faceplate drama that’s been unfolding.

While Sony hasn’t brought any custom PS5 DualSense designs to market yet, they did create a Gold Plated DualSense for the employees that worked on the PS5.  Speaking of Gold Plated PS5’s, you can check out a gold PS5 console right here.

The PS5 DualSense has been very well received since the PS5 was released. So much so that Microsoft is looking to adopt some of its features for the Xbox Series X controller. – Which itself has a secret feature.

It’s not all been rosy for the DualSense controller; its drift issue is drawing some negative attention. Including a lawsuit. However, we have become aware of a fix for this issue.

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