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Major Changes Coming to the PS Store for PS3, PSP, and Vita Owners

Sony is making significant changes to the PS store this summer, removing it from three older PlayStation devices – PS3, PSP, and PS Vita.

Sony is finally pulling the plug on the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita this summer by shutting down each console’s access to the PS Store.

In many ways, the news is unsurprising; after all, the PS3 and PSP are both legacy systems and are now unsupported by Sony. Although there is a note of sadness when we consider the PS Vita.

Sony’s second handheld console failed to set the world on fire. Seeing the final nail driven into its coffin will be disappointing to those who supported and enjoyed it.

The Vita was ahead of its time in many ways, competently offering console-quality games on a portable device. The Vita’s failure suggested that there was no longer an appetite for such a concept– especially during the rise of mobile gaming.

New PSP 5G Patent Filed By Sony – Is a New Portable Console Likely?

However, the Nintendo Switch proved this theory completely wrong when it arrived and reinvigorated the portable gaming landscape. Yet, the success of the Switch only made the failure of the Vita even more tragic.

There WAS an appetite for a high-end portable gaming device. The world just didn’t realize in time, which, objectively speaking is still a real shame.

It’s a frustrating chapter of gaming history for those who did purchase a Vita, as even today the reason for the Vita’s failure is still somewhat unclear.

Some of its features, like remote play, continue to live on today in the era of the PS5.

When Will Each Console Lose PS Store Access?

Today’s news, which TheGamer initially reported, states that the PS3 and PSP will lose PS store access on the 2nd of July 2021.

But the PS Vita will lose access on the 27th of August 2021, giving players a bit more time to purchase any final games they’d like to own digitally on the platform.

Of course, owners of any of the three consoles will still be able to purchase and play physical games. Yet, we expect the price of certain physical Vita games may increase as a result.

Sony has not yet clarified whether or not owners will still be able to download copies of digital games they already own. If not, it may be worth downloading your software now to be on the safe side.

Perhaps even consider moving it to a memory card to have it backed up. We’d also advise those who’ve been meaning to play purchase certain games to do so now, especially console exclusives.

PS vita

We think it’s unlikely that Sony will prevent players from accessing games they already own. This may raise some interesting trading standard/license ownership issues.

However, we’re confident that new purchases of PS3, PSP, and Vita games or DLC will be impossible come summertime.

Therefore, owners of these three consoles should get their house in order now. - Before the sun sets on the PS3, PSP, and PSV one final time.

All is not lost however, patent leaks suggest that Sony may be working on a new portable console.

Sony has given us the first glimpse of PSVR 2, which may be considered more important to them than portable gaming in 2021.

Microsoft may also have plans for a portable Xbox in the pipeline. Finally, new details regarding the Nintendo Switch Pro continue to emerge online.

Source: TheGamer

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