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PS Plus Free Games For October 2021 Revealed

Sony has finally revealed all of the games coming free with PS Plus next month, and October 2021 looks to have another great lineup!

It’s getting to that time of the month where every PlayStation fan is looking forward to finding out which games will be free on PlayStation Plus soon.

Luckily for all you impatient gamers, Sony has finally revealed all 3 of the games coming to the online subscription service. Check out all of the games coming to PlayStation Plus in October 2021.

But first, there’s still time to grab all of September’s free PlayStation Plus games too.

Free PS Plus Games

Free PlayStation Plus Games For October 2021 Revealed

PlayStation Plus has more subscribers than ever right now, so it’s no surprise that gamers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of next month’s free titles.

Luckily, Sony has now announced the full PS Plus October lineup! It is a great mix of games and has something for everyone.

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Hell Let Loose

The PS5 game in the October 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup is realistic WW2 shooter Hell Let Loose.

This hardcore military FPS drops players into battles of 100 players complete with infantry, tanks, and artillery. You’ll want to coordinate with your teammates and outsmart the opposition to win the battles in Hell Let Loose.

However, as this particular October PS Plus title is only on PS5, you’ll need to own a next-gen console to play it. Fortunately, Sony has acquired more chips so the PS5 shortage could finally be coming to an end.

Check out this huge in-store PS5 restock at GameStop this week if you’re still after a next-gen console.

PlayStation Plus Hell Let Loose

Mortal Kombat X

Next, Mortal Kombat X will also be free for PS Plus members in October.

This brutal fighting game is will surely be a hit with fighting game fans who haven’t played it yet. However, this entry is also the perfect jumping-on point for gamers not familiar with the series.

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PlayStation Plus Mortal Kombat X

PGA Tour 2K21

Finally, PGA Tour 2K21 will complete the October 2021 PS Plus lineup.

The realistic golf sim is definitely worth a go for all you sports fans and includes over 15 real-life courses to play, alongside a load of courses designed specifically for the game.

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PlayStation Plus PGA Tour 2K21

And those are all of the free games coming to PS Plus in October 2021. Which one are you looking forward to playing the most?

Meanwhile, PlayStation fans have plenty of great exclusive games to look forward to. In fact, the Horizon Forbidden West pre-orders are already live.

Also, Sony has shared the first God of War Ragnarok trailer. However, many gamers aren’t happy at Thor’s controversial new look in Ragnarok.

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Angry Nerd

Thursday 30th of September 2021

Get the hell out of here with that "October 2021 looks to have another great lineup!"

Nobody has ever heard of Hell Let Loose and we just got a Team 17 game last month (Overcooked) MKX is already free in the PS Plus Collection. PGA Tour? Come on, man. Xbox game pass is making me feel like an idiot for buying PS5 instead of a Series X.