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PS Direct Invite Only PS5 Restock Dropping on January 13

PS Direct has announced another PS5 restock this January 13!

PlayStation 5 is still hard to find. So far, restocks have increased both in frequency and units sold per event. Unfortunately, it is still a challenge to purchase Sony’s current-gen hardware.

Last month PS5 console restocks exploded as we got closer to the beginning of 2022. But, even with an increased number of units offered, the stock offered is far from meeting demand.

Retailers have certainly stepped up to the challenge and hosted as many restocks as possible. Many have implemented in-store events, invite-only drops, or bundling tactics to make sure stock is sold to real customers and not scalpers.

Sony is also trying to do its part through its retail arm, PS Direct, which has once again announced a PS5 restock.

PS Direct Sends Email Invites for January 13 PS5 Restock

PS Direct has sent another batch of email invites for a PS5 restock on January 13.

Those lucky gamers who received an invite will be able to purchase a PS5 console directly from Sony.

In detail, this PS Direct PS5 restock will take place on January 13 from 2 PM ET – 7 PM ET.

As usual, those with an invite will need to access the unique link in the email and proceed to the PS Direct queue to wait for their turn to purchase their PS5 console.

Do not forget to check your spam folder whenever these email invites roll out! Sometimes this type of email invites end up being filtered as spam.

If you did not receive an email this time around, you could be prepared for the next drop. Here is how to register and receive an email invite for PS Direct PS5 restocks.

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PS Direct has been dropping PS5 units very frequently lately! The last PS Direct restock took place less than a week ago, on January 6, and this would be the third drop in a month.

Aside from PS Direct, there are several options to get your PS5 this week. Walmart recently announced an upcoming January 14 PS5 restock for its Walmart+ subscribers.

Additionally, GameStop has announced an in-store PS5 drop this week on January 14!

Lastly, here are all the possible upcoming PS5 restocks happening from January 10 – 16.

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Comments 4



Thursday 13th of January 2022

They were sold out in less than 15 minutes. How is this supposed to be easier than going through a store?


Thursday 13th of January 2022

I entered the event 2 hours early. Got into the queue at the earliest moment. It took 15 minutes to get let into the store page. GONE. This is the third invite in a row/2weeks that all consoles were gone. In the first two they were gone less than 10 minutes!


Thursday 13th of January 2022

I was invited but wasn't able to purchase one, do you know of you can get invited again?


Thursday 13th of January 2022

There was a PlayStation Direct restock like a week ago and no one reported on it. Now there's another drop? Sony are finally stepping it up to get PS5s in the hands of gamers versus letting scalpers buy them all.