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PS Direct PS5 Restock Invites Being Sent Out for February 17

PS Direct is back from a long PS5 restock hiatus. The retailer has sent invites for a February 17 restock event.

The PS5 restock panoramas have not been the greatest lately. Everything seemed to be getting better at the end of 2021, with PS5 restocks exploding at the end of December.

This trend continued for the first weeks of the year, but unfortunately, drops started to dwindle as February got closer.

In fact, as soon as February started, new official information confirmed PS5 scarcity could continue throughout 2022.

This problem was not limited to a retailer this time. In general, PS5 restocks stopped almost entirely, with just pretty minor drops happening from time to time.

Furthermore, PS Direct stopped restocking PlayStation 5 consoles, but now it is back with another PS5 drop!

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PS Direct PS5 Restocks Tips: Does Registering Several Times Help Getting an Email Invite?

PS Direct Email Invites Confirm February 17 Restock

After a long hiatus since January 13, PS Direct sent email invites to lucky customers for a PS5 restock taking place on February 17.

As usual, if you received one of these invites, it means you will have the chance to purchase a PS5 console directly from Sony.

This PS Direct PS5 restock will take place on February 17 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM ET. Keep in mind this is an invite restock only.

On rare occasions, Sony opened up the queue to the general public if there were leftover units. However, this has not been the case in months.

Since PS5 is so hard to find right now, it is almost guaranteed units will sell out quite fast.

Due to this reason, we advise those lucky gamers who received the invite to log in to queue as close as possible to the starting hour.

If you want to participate in a PS5 PS Direct restock, you need an invite. Here is how to register for a PS Direct PS5 drop email invite.

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Hopefully, PS Direct continues to restock as often as it dropped PlayStation 5 units at the beginning of the year!

If luck was not in your favor this time, additional PS5 restocks are expected from other retailers from February 14 – 20.

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