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PS Direct PS5 Restock – the Easiest Way to Get a PS5?

Official Sony USA retailer PS Direct’s regular PS5 restocks might be the best chance of you nabbing the new console.

PS5s have been very difficult to buy ever since their launch back in November. While Sony Plan to ship up to 18 million next year, they will still be scarce for the time being.

Even when retailers get more PS5s, they usually sell out almost instantly. Amazon’s last batch sold out in just 9 minutes.

However, another retailer may be the best place to buy a PS5 without a huge rush. It makes sense that PlayStation Direct, the Sony-owned gaming retail website, is the best place to get a PS5.

Why to Buy From PS Direct (US Only)

PS Direct seems like the best place to buy a PlayStation 5 at the moment for a number of reasons. PlayStation Direct puts new stock of PS5 consoles up regularly, with consoles going on sale on 9 different days in December alone.

The most recent day they had PS5 consoles in stock was December 29th, but they also had stock on the 28th as well.

The last time PS Direct was selling PS5 consoles, they could be ordered for 24 minutes. While it doesn’t sound like a lot of time, this is way more than most websites.

Also worth noting is that PS Direct has stocked both editions of the PS5 twice in the last two days. This is way more often than any retailer.

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The frequency of stock and fairly lenient (for PS5 standards) purchase window makes PlayStation Direct the place to go if you want to snag Sony’s latest machine.

PS Direct

How to Buy From PlayStation Direct

While PS Direct gives you a better chance of securing at PS5 than other websites, you still need to track when they have stock. However, there are a couple of things you have to consider before buying from PS Direct.

Like most retailers, buying from PS Direct has a limit of how many consoles you can buy. In this case, it is a limit of one console per household – they’ll check the address!

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Customers must also sign in to the website with their existing PSN ID to get into the purchase queue.

When Will PS Direct Restock PS5s?

There is no official news when PS Direct will restock the consoles but it could be soon.

The best way to check PS5 stock for PS Direct and all other leading retailers is by using our PS5 Stock Tracker. This will give you updates on when the next stock will drop and whether any restocks are planned in the future.

If you can’t wait for PS Direct, the PlayStation 5 was also back in stock and at Target recently.

Also, find out how quickly PS5s have been selling out once they’re back in stock. It’s mostly down to scalper bots buying up all of the consoles straight away.

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Sunday 2nd of May 2021

If Sony is aware of the scapler bot and robot computer scripts, why don't they just have a legitimate waiting list que for real buyers and provide some really true customer support to loyal PS fans and users.