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PS Direct Invite Only PS5 Restock Confirmed – January 6

PS Direct is starting 2022 strong, with another PS5 restock announced today.

Even though we are already in 2022, PS5 is still scarce and notably hard to f nd. The holiday season was outstanding, with PS5 restocks exploding by the end of December.

Unfortunately, this higher amount of restocks was not enough to meet demand, and a vast amount of gamers were not able to get their consoles.

Manufacturers and retailers have teamed up to make sure stock gets out as fast as possible to gamers worldwide. Sony, in particular, is having constant restocks through its PS Direct store.

During December, PS Direct had very few restocks. But, all that seems to have changed this January, with the Sony’s PS Direct having its second drop in the month.

PS Direct Confirms Its Second PS5 Restock for January 2022

After some silence during December, PS Direct has sent another round of email invites to its customers for a January 6th PS5 restock.

This restock will occur from 11:00 AM – 04:00 PM PT. As usual with PS Direct PS5 restocks, gamers who received these invites need to click on the personal link embedded and purchase their console directly from Sony.

This is one of the easiest ways to get your PS5 console, especially if you want to avoid bundled options from other retailers.

Fortunately, these drops seem to be happening more often this year. Just yesterday, Sony had its first PS Direct PS5 restock of the year.

Even though the rate of PS Direct restocks is increasing, these drops remain invite-only events.

If you want to get an invite for these drops, here is how you can register and get an invite email for PS Direct’s PS5 restocks.

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Fortunately for gamers, restocks overall have increased in both numbers in frequency. Due to this, PS5 prices in scalpers listings have dropped as they struggle to sell consoles.

Things are certainly improving in regards to PS5 stock. As an example of this, a recent Best Buy huge PS5 restock suggested that supply is finally meeting demand.

However, industry insiders still predict PlayStation 5 restocks will continue well into 2022.

In the meantime, if you are still looking for your console, here are all the possible upcoming PS5 restocks from January 3-9.

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Thursday 6th of January 2022

Sony could have done something about this over a year ago when it was brought to light that scalpers/bots were buying them up. Fuck Sony.