As the PlayStation Portal continues to be out of stock, PS Direct remains the best option to get yours, as its restocks are easier to anticipate.

These drops might not be as constant, but they are reliable, have plenty of available units, and are one of the easiest online restocks to predict. Learn why PS Direct is the best option to get your PS Portal!

PS Direct Restocks Are the Best Bet to Get a PlayStation Portal Online

Due to how PS Direct announces many days and even weeks in advance when its next drop is happening, it is easier to predict restocks and get a PlayStation Portal from this retailer.

Additionally, PlayStation Direct’s online restocks are usually successful due to the many available units. Right after they are over, you can find a multitude of gamers confirming successful purchases on social media.

If you want to participate in the next drop, here’s what you should know:

PlayStation Portal PS Direct Early February Restock Announced

The downside of this retailer is that drops happen only once or twice per month. But even with that con, the pros of knowing an approximate date and time frame for a restock is a game changer.

Below, we share the most recent drops from PS Direct. As you can see, there is a solid pattern to anticipate time frames and possible dates:

  • Mid-month drops occur between the11th and 15th day of the month
  • Early in the month, drops can happen between the 1st day and the 10th day of the month
  • Restocks happen between 1 PM – 3 PM ET
November 15, 2023NA
December 15, 20232 PM ET
January 11, 20243 PM ET
January 18, 20242 PM ET
Previous PlayStation Portal restocks at PS Direct

With all this knowledge, it’s just a matter of preparing ahead of time for the next PS Direct Drop!

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