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Prop Hunt Tips & Strategy for Black Ops Cold War

There is a method to the madness. Consider this your Prop Hunt all-inclusive strategy guide for Black Ops Cold War.

Prop Hunt may seem random, to those uninitiated. However, a veteran of this mode knows is all about psychological warfare. 

Since its inception, Prop Hunt, a limited-time mode was added with Operation Swarm dating all the way back to Black Ops III. This has been a fan favourite party mode since then. 

However, Prop Hunt is not a party at all. This elusive game of "hide and seek" has as many thrills as any other game mode in the Call of duty franchise. 

This guide will break down the best strategy, tips and overall good practices for the next time you're in the area of operation going undercover as a phone booth.

Prop Hunt strategy guide for Black Ops Cold War.
Prop Hunt Nuketown

What is Prop Hunt in Cold War?

Prop hunt, is a limited time party mode, taking the basics of "hide and seek" and putting the traditional Call of Duty twist to it... guns. 

Prop Hunt is round based. Therefore no matter what team you're on, you'll be switching side (spawn), as well as taking turn both hiding and seeking.

Seeking: You will be equipped with a submachine gun and unlimited ammo, allowing you to shoot as much as your heart desires. 

Every operator will also be equipped with a stun grenade allowing you to 'guestimate' the location of the "rogue props". 

To improve your seeking, it's highly recommended to learn all possible Props you can be in Prop Hunt Cold War.

Hiding: You'll start off as designated prop, with the ability to switch what you look like 3 separate times.

Props will also be equipped with a flashbang. Allowing you stun enemy players who wander too close. 

Finally, all "Props" will also have the ability to use a decoy. Leaving a copy of themselves to confuse the enemy.  

Prop Hunt Tips for Cold War

Moving in Prop Hunt

The best Prop Hunt Cold War tips from an expert player.

1. Keep on the move

Whenever enemies get too close, don't wait for them to notice that you don't belong there. Instead, use your flash grenade and move.

Moving is your best friend as a "Prop", your viewing angle is in the third person; meanwhile, the enemy is stuck in the first person. Prop's are also completely silent.

This creates a good tip of hiding behind objects, utilising the camera angle and constantly moving round (whilst staying hidden) so they have no idea you're there.

Even if the enemy spots you, it's not game over. As a prop, you move at a full sprint. If the enemy makes a wrong turn, you'll be gone with the wind.

Take as many sharp corners and turns as you can, then once you're out of view use this time to switch the type of "Prop", once you reposition you will be concealed once again.

2. Master Hiding

There are no rules when it comes to how you hide, but we have some great techniques for you to apply next time you're playing this heart-thumping mode. 

Firstly, you can learn the best hiding spots and glitches in Prop Hunt Cold War.

Blend In: This is one of the easiest and works best when you are a medium-size object, like a phone booth or a pile of bricks. 

Blending in is all about looking all-natural, find a place where your object makes sense and stay there. 

Using the Blend In Technique in Prop Hunt

Camouflage: This works best for when you get dealt a bad hand.

Stick to the spawns, and make several copies of yourself then take your place among the fakes. It will make you blend in, and if the enemy comes too close, there is a better chance they won't target you. 

Using the Camouflage Technique in Prop Hunt

Assimilate: This works best whenever you are a small to medium-size object.

Find others like you and take your place as the impostor... The enemy will never know.

Using the Assimilate Technique

3. Know your Controls. 

As a "Prop", you have a limited amount of both decoys and appearance changes.

No matter how absurd you might look at the beginning of the round, don't use your changing abilities too early, instead hide as best as you can.  

Being able to throw the enemy off your scent by changing the way you look is worth so much more than being a good object from the start. 

4. Advanced Techniques

Becoming the best prop hunt player is all about implementing the unexpected.

As a prop you're able to move just as easy as a normal player can, this includes climbing ladders, other objects and jumping.

Players naturally look for rogue props at eye level or along the ground.

If you're a small prop, you can climb high or to a 2nd story then jump off and lock yourself in mid-air. If this is flush to a building, with a busy surrounding, you'll be very difficult to spot.

5. Beware of the whistle

Whistling happens every 30 seconds and will reveal your location to enemies. Beware of this and know when you're about to be cornered (there is an on-screen timer).

Towards the end of the round you will usually have more than 1 enemy seeking you out, unless you're in an incredible hiding place staying in the same place will not end well.

Instead, use this whistle as a decoy and move soon after, as far away as you can.

With just a minute left, if your whistle is at one end of the map and you manage to get to the other end, you'll almost certainly win the round.

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