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Project Q – Everything We Know About PS5 Handheld

Project Q is here to change PlayStation's handheld approach.

PlayStation has just announced Project Q, a device allowing gamers to easily access their library of installed PS5 games from remote locations.

Cloud gaming has seen a rise in popularity, and with this new device, PlayStation hopes to allow players to play their favorite games from anywhere easily.

If you’re thinking that this is a successor to the PSP, then in a way, it is. It’s PS gaming on a mobile device but with the use of the cloud. Here is everything we know about Project Q:

What is Project Q?

The PlayStation Project Q is a handheld device that allows players to stream compatible games that they have installed on their PS5 using Remote Play over Wi-Fi.

Players need to install any game they wish to play on Project Q on their PS5 before heading out. This is because the device uses Remote Play to access your PS5 library.

Project Q functions more as a companion handheld device for the PS5 than its own native system. For this reason, It can’t be compared to the Nintendo Switch and Steamdeck.

Project Q Sony

Project Q Device Specs

Project Q will have an 8-inch LCD screen that can run games up to 1080p 60 fps over Wi-Fi. It features all of the buttons and features from the standard DualSense wireless controller.

This includes adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. This device can help players play some of their favorite games even when they’re away from their PS5.

PlayStation announced this device during the May 2023 Showcase, where they also showcased a new set of PlayStation wireless earbuds that complement this new handheld device well.

The official press release revealed that Project Q will require broadband internet Wi-Fi with at least 5Mbps for use. For the best experience, a connection with at least 15Mbps is recommended.

When is Project Q Releasing?

Project Q will launch later this year, 2023 – mostly likely between September and December. Unfortunately, Sony has not confirmed a specific release date for Project Q but they have announced that more details will arrive “in the months ahead.”

Sony has not revealed the price of the handheld device yet either.

What Games Can Project Q Play?

Project Q can play any games you have installed on your PS5 using Remote Play over Wi-Fi. You can’t access your gaming library if you do not have Wi-Fi.

The games you play need to be installed on your PS5 before you try accessing them using Project Q. But if you have the PlayStation App, you can remotely download games to your system.

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