Many gamers fondly remember Fortnite Chapter 1 as the golden age of the Battle Royale game, and thanks to Project Nova, players can relive this nostalgia.

As the seasons pass by, players hope and anticipate the day they can revisit the beloved original map that kickstarted Fortnite’s immense popularity.

Now, this third-party mod can take you back there. However, be wary as this mod technically breaks Epic Games Terms of Service.

What Is Project Nova for Fortnite?

Project Nova is a third-party mod that uses old game assets to make previous Fortnite maps playable.

Players will have the chance to land at the original points of interest, use the old weapons and even equip the classic skins.

According to footage from the mod, the map for Project Nova appears to be from Chapter 1 Season X.

Chapter 1 Season X map

It is worth noting for players who wish to download Project Nova that it is technically against the Fortnite Terms of Service.

The terms state that you are not allowed to “copy, modify, create derivative works of, or publicly display any material obtained through the services” unless specifically permitted.

Creating a mod that reuses assets from the game could be considered a modification or derivative work of the original content.

Although, according to Project Nova, your Fortnite account will not be bannable as “this whole project has nothing to do with Epic Games or its servers themselves.”

How to Play Original Fortnite with Project Nova

Please take into account personal information such as email is required for this unverified software download. Install at your own risk.

To play Project Nova and access the original Fortnite you must:

  1. Begin by joining the Nova Discord server.
  2. To create a Nova account, navigate to the server tab and enter “#bot-commands /create” along with your email, username, and password.
  3. Install the necessary software by downloading the VC_redist.x64 file and the NovaLauncher from the #download tab on the server. Install both.
  1. Create a folder and place the NovaLauncher inside it.
  2. Extract the NovaLauncher within the folder.
  3. Open the NovaLauncher.exe file.
  4. Access the Settings menu and choose Easy Installer.
  5. A window will appear; input “75” and press Enter.
  6. Create a new folder on your desktop and open it.
  7. Copy the folder link into EasyInstaller, then press Enter.
  8. Wait for the installation process to complete.
  9. Now select the folder where Fortnite is installed and click OK.
  10. Each time you launch the NovaLauncher, you will require a new exchange code. Retrieve it by returning to the Discord server and typing “/exchange-code” in the #bot-commands tab.
  11. Copy the code from Discord and paste it into the NovaLauncher, then click Launch.

If you are more of a visual learner, the creators of Project Nova have created a video that explains these steps in-depth. You can view it below:

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