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How to Preload FIFA 21’s Next-Gen Features on PS5 & Xbox Series X/S

Only weeks away from the FIFA 21 Next-Gen launch, gamers are now able to prepare for the upgrade. Here's how to preload FIFA 21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While FIFA 21 released in a normal fashion early October, this year's title will have somewhat of an encore release. As it just so happens the Next Gen launch for both PlayStation and Xbox occurred in November of 2020.

Next Gen consoles are in stores now, though proving fairly difficult to acquire. Leaving gamers wondering when they'll be able to play FIFA 21 in the next generation of gaming.

It's not long away now, and EA Sports has set up a system which will allow gamers to upgrade their title as soon as FIFA 21 Next Gen goes live. So here's how to set up your console and preload FIFA 21 on PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X/S.

FIFA 21 Dual Entitlement Free Upgrade to PS5 & Xbox Series X/S

Setting Up Your Next-Gen Console to Preload FIFA 21

Thanks to EA Sports Dual Entitlement, gamers won't need to purchase FIFA 21 again on their Next Gen consoles. The following instructions are assuming the user has already purchased the currently available version of FIFA 21.

Xbox Series X/S Preload Instructions

To set up your FIFA 21 preload on Xbox Series X/S, click the Xbox button and head to the Home screen. Once there, click My Games and Apps to view all titles on your console.

Scroll down to Full Library and All Owned Games, and you should see two similar FIFA 21 icons. Click on the one with the Xbox Series X/S Next Gen logo, and download the game.

Your Xbox Series X/S is now prepared for the FIFA 21 Next Gen launch, and will automatically make the game available to play on December 4, 2020.

PS5 Preload Instructions

Similar to the Xbox instructions, gamers simply need to head to their home page and click on their games library. PlayStation differs from Xbox in the sense that all Next Gen titles are grouped in their own separate menu item.

Once you have the FIFA 21 Next Gen title selected, simply download it to your console to prepare for the official launch. Your game will automatically become available December 4, 2020 as soon as Next Gen FIFA 21 is live.

Gamers can also select the FIFA 21 Next Gen title from the PlayStation store to preload.

Physical Disc Copies Preload Instructions

For gamers who purchased a physical disc copy of FIFA 21, the process will operate slightly differently. You'll need to get in contact with EA Sports Support to provide credentials for your free upgrade.

Log on to and provide the trusted Support staff with your EA Sports account information. They'll need to verify your purchase of the currently available version of FIFA 21 before authorizing your free Next Gen upgrade.

You'll likely receive confirmation shortly and information on when your Next Gen copy of FIFA 21 will arrive in the mail or become available for in-store pickup. For first looks at the stunning visuals of FIFA 21 Next Gen, check out our work on the official EA Sports FIFA 21 Next Gen reveal.

Remember, all progress in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will carry over to the Next Gen upgrade. However, Pro Clubs progress will unfortunately be left behind and gamers will need to start over on Next Gen.

To help ease the transition, we've created a tutorial for How to Earn Skill Points in FIFA 21 Pro Clubs.

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