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How To Complete the Predator Skin Challenges in Fortnite

The Predator skin is finally coming to Fortnite next week, and it's bringing some fun new challenges with it.

The latest character skin for Fortnite Season 5 has been announced, and it’s one that players have been speculating about since the beginning of the season.

From the very moment that Epic Games revealed that the theme of the latest season would be “hunters”, players began discussing what exactly it meant; and many players assumed we’d see the introduction of The Predator to the game.

Finally, according to the latest patch notes, we’ll get to see the terrifying creature from the 1988 action classic dropping out of the Battle Bus very soon.

fortnite predator skin

The skin itself isn’t available yet, but the latest v15.20 update to the game has introduced some challenges that adopt the themes of the film. These challenges will get players started on their journey to claim it when it does become available.

Most of the challenges are marked with question marks in the mystery section of the menu right now, so we’ll have to wait for now to get the bigger picture. However, there are some Predator-themed challenges to keep you busy until then.

How to Unlock the Predator Skin in Fortnite

So far, there are three challenges on the road to unlocking the freaky new skin. Each one is pretty easy, netting players some minor rewards for completing them.

Nonetheless, here’s how you can get your mitts on the currently available Predator goodies:

Find the Predator's "Mystery Pod"

Fortnite Predator Escape Mystery Pod Banner
The Predator's Escape Pod

In the NorthWest corner of Stealthy Stronghold, you’ll find a wreckage of some descript. It's a silver ship, and it looks to be the Predator's escape pod. All you need to do is locate it and wander up to it, and you'll unlock a Predator banner icon.

Talk to some Fortnite NPCs

Burger Boss Durr Burger Fortnite Predator NPC
Beef Boss NPC

Okay, they're a bit less thematically linked from here on out, but thankfully they're still pretty easy. For this step, first talk to Beef Boss at the Durr Burger restaurant to the west of Weeping Woods. Then Remedy in a house northeast of Pleasant Park, and Dummy, who is nearby just north of Pleasant Park.

Do all of this, and you'll secure the Predator Plasma Caster reticule. Easy!

Collect Medkits

Fortnite Medkit Predator Challenge
A Medkit

This one's the easiest step out of all of them. All you need to do is collect three Medkits from anywhere on the map (and in as many games as you need) and you'll land yourself the Predator Heat Vision Hunter spray.

That's all the steps you need to know so far. The Predator skin launches on the 20th of January 2021, and it will bring six new themed challenges with it to keep you busy.

That's not all to come from the Fortnite v15.20 update- it has introduced the Lever Action Shotgun, which you can find in regular loot drops. Plus, there's the new dual-wielding gun Hop Rock Dualies Exotic, a powerful pair of pistols.

It's one of the friendliest updates in the battle royale genre this week: Call of Duty Warzone has nerfed their DMR, and has patched out their infinite stim glitch.

We've actually suggested that Warzone needs to follow Fortnite's lead with this one feature.

Read the full patch notes for the Fortnite v15.20 update here.

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