Xbox just announced a brand new Starfield Funko Pop! Figure that will showcase one of the robot companions you will meet on your adventures, Vasco.

This Vasco Funko Pop! Figure is a great addition to any gaming shelf and features a unique design that is only available for a limited time.

Here is where you can pre-order the Starfield Vasco Pop! Figure to ensure that this expeditionary robot finds its rightful place in your collection.

Where to Pre-Order Starfield Vasco Funko Pop!

The Starfield Vasco Funko Pop! will ship in February 2024, but you can already pre-order it over at the official Xbox Gear Shop website for $17.99.

Despite its price, Vasco is a normal-sized Funko Pop! and stands at 4.05 inches. However, it is a limited-edition figure that is exclusive to the Xbox Gear Shop. This means that you will not see it on other retailers’ websites, or in-store.

The design really compliments Starfield’s Constellation Faction well with its red, yellow, and white paint. It is a great figure and will fit nicely on a shelf with players who managed to secure some of Starfield’s other collectibles.

Who is Vasco in Starfield?

Vasco is a robot companion in Starfield that belongs to the Constellation Faction and is voiced by Jake Green. He is a bi-pedal robot that is capable of traversing difficult terrain while carrying important survival gear for his companions.

The Constellation considers him a family member, and he holds a strong bond with all of its members. His name seems to be a reference to the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, the first European to reach India by sea.

It fits the narrative that Starfield is trying to weave by having players take control of their own adventure and explore a vast galaxy with their companions.

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