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How to Pre-Order Nintendo 64 & SEGA Genesis Controllers for Switch Online

One of the most exciting announcements at today’s Nintendo Direct was the reveal of 2 new Nintendo Switch controllers: the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis gamepads.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the best-selling consoles of all time. Still to this day, the Switch manages to outsell the PS5 and Xbox Series X each month – although a lack of next-gen console stock definitely contributes to that record.

And while the Nintendo Switch shortage doesn’t appear to be happening just yet, there’s one variant in incredibly short supply. It seems almost impossible to get hold of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, even in pre-order form!

Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 SEGA Genesis
(Source: Nintendo)

Lately, we heard the rumors that Nintendo Switch would be getting a new controller. Now, in today’s incredible Nintendo Direct showcase, it seems that the rumors were true!

Watch the full new Nintendo Direct for September 23 here!

New Nintendo Switch Controller Revealed

Two new Nintendo Switch controllers are here, and they look like must-haves for many fans.

Today, Nintendo announced the N64 and SEGA Genesis Control Pad are coming to the official store for Nintendo Switch Online members.

These two classic appearances will be all too familiar for fans of the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis. However, the new wireless controllers will be fully functional with the Nintendo Switch consoles!

How to Pre-Order N64 & SEGA Genesis Controllers

If you subscribe to Nintendo’s online membership, you’ll be able to purchase the exclusive controllers for use as part of the new Nintendo Switch Online expansion.

Both controllers will retail for $49.99 and will not be available in all regions.

Right now, we don’t have further details on release dates, and pre-order times, but more information will be arriving shortly. We’ll update this article as it arrives!

If you want to enjoy the new N64 and SEGA Genesis games coming to the service, how better than with the original controllers, after all?

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Interestingly, one fan just found a permanent solution to Joy-Con drift. Of course, with these new controllers just around the corner, perhaps we’ll no longer have to worry about that long-running issue – at least for retro gaming!

Nintendo Switch Adds Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis Controllers
(Source: Nintendo)

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch finally has Bluetooth support, as of its latest update! Here’s how to pair Bluetooth headphones with your device.

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And it seems that Nintendo Switch Online is getting a big new addition too!

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