The power shot cancel is one of the most effective ways of fooling your opponent and opening space for an easy shot, here is how you do it in FIFA 23:

  • Hold R1/RB + L1/RB
  • At the same time press O/B to trigger the power shot
  • Before your player takes the shot press R2/RT + L2/LT to interrupt the animation

This cancel animation is extremely powerful as your opposition will see the power shot lined up and attempt to stop it. It will then catch them by surprise when you do not take the shot but instead dribble around them.

The power shot cancel is not the only feature that will help you score goals, this method to manually get players to make runs in FIFA 23 is really effective.

Also, following the latest update, there are brand new tactics for FIFA 23’s meta formation!

How to Skill Move Cancel in FIFA 23

Skill move canceling is also another effective way of beating defenders in 1v1 situations. Here is how you can do it:

  • Perform any skill move in FIFA 23
  • While the skill move animation is active, press R2/RT + L2/LT to interrupt it
  • This will stop your skill move halfway through and will catch your opponent off guard as they try to defend the original skill

Once you learn how to power shot or skill move cancel, you will find better opportunities to score goals. Canceling is one of the top ways to win games and is used by pro-FIFA players in tournaments.

If you are looking to further improve your FIFA 23 gameplay, make sure you have the best camera settings for competitive games.

The low-driven shot is not actually in FIFA 23 but there is still a way to perform it! This is one of the best ways to beat the goalkeeper and score goals!

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