There’s a new loot room Easter Egg to uncover on Ashika Island in Warzone 2 that can be opened by flicking 4 switches below the Power Plant.

Once done, you’ll have more loot than anyone else on the island and the best possible start to your Resurgence game.

And it’s not just the Power Plant that holds new secrets to discover. There’s also a secret bunker to open on Ashika Island – if you know the trick to doing so!

Here’s a full guide on solving the Power Plant Easter Egg and what it has to offer:

Ashika Island Power Plant Easter Egg Guide

  • First, drop into Ashika Island at the Power Plant.
    • This can be done on either Resurgence or DMZ modes, but remember that you’ll need a Stronghold Keycard if you’re doing it in DMZ.
Where to Find Ashika Island Easter Egg
  • Enter through this door to the East of the Power Plant.
Power Plant Easter Egg in Ashika Island
  • From the ground floor, run down the stairs and into the basement through the open doorway.
How to Open Secret Room in Ashika Island
  • Use Square, X, or F to interact with all 4 switches on the wall in the underground hallway.
    • It doesn’t matter whether the switches are set to up or down, each one needs to be interacted with once, and in any order.
Ashika Island Easter Egg Switch
  • Once all 4 switches are tripped, the double doors in the underground hallway will unlock!
All Easter Egg Switch Locations Ashika Island
All Easter Egg Switch Locations (One is Directly Behind the Player)
  • Enter the newly-opened room and enjoy all the loot!
Treasure Room in Ashika Island Resurgence Easter Egg

Inside the loot room, there will be huge cash piles, orange Supply Boxes, weapons, and more! This is easily the best place to drop when playing Resurgence, as it’ll give you the best possible start to your game.

The location is also available in DMZ but bear in mind that the Power Plant is always a Stronghold and will therefore require you to find a Stronghold Keycard.

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Check out this video guide by Mr Fishy McFish if you’re still having issues!

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