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Popular Cold War Zombies Mode Could Be Making A Return Soon

Treyarch has teased the appearance of a popular Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War. The game mode is a fan-favorite that could be making a return in season 2.

The latest Firebase Z update has just dropped for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. However, players are already excited about what Season 2 will bring to the game.

Interestingly, Treyarch appears to be teasing the return of a game mode that has not been seen in some time, despite it being a sought-after game mode.

Now, it appears that Season 2 of Cold War might be the time for a return to the classic game mode. Interestingly enough, a credible Call of Duty source has also confirmed this might be the case.

Black Ops Cold War – Grief Mode

The new Cold War Zombies mode that could be coming in Season 2 is none other than Grief. Grief was a style of game mode present back in Black Ops 2.

Grief involves two opposing teams of players who must fight for survival against zombies. The catch is that neither team can damage each other and players must use zombies to take out the competition instead.

Grief might seem like an unusual game mode, however, Black Ops fans have heralded its return for a long time. Sadly, Grief never made an appearance in the subsequent Black Ops 3.

In the past, Jason Blundell, Game Director for Black Ops 3 made a statement where he said Grief would be re-introduced when it made sense storyline-wise. It appears that now Treyarch believes Grief is ready to make a return.

The tease itself comes from Treyarch’s Twitter page, on their social they posted this image below:

Black Ops Cold War Grief
Source: Twitter

The accompanying message gives a huge clue as to what might be in store for Cold War’s Zombies mode. It certainly hints that something is looming on the horizon.

The phrase “only one can win” in relation to Cold War’s Zombies mode implies that Grief could be making a return in Season 2. Considering Grief pits two teams against each other, this makes sense.

Treyarch has likely been focusing on the latest Firebase Z update, so you can expect Grief to come at a later date, if at all. Interestingly, players are already discovering game-breaking glitches in Firebase Z.

Cold War Grief Mode Confirmed By Source

Interestingly, the rumor surrounding the appearance of Cold War’s Grief Zombies mode has been supported by a credible leaker. ModernWarzone tweeted this today:

Source: Twitter

ModernWarzone appears to support the theory that Grief will be making a return, possibly for Season 2. However, at the moment there has been no word from Activision regarding its appearance.

As with all rumors, its important to treat them with a pinch of a salt. Until Activision confirm that the game mode is coming, players will have to be content with the latest content update.

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We will continue to keep you updated regarding news for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold war, including Cold War’s Zombies mode.

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