A new Sketched Out bundle just hit the MW3 store and fans are already calling its Pop-Erator skin “pay to lose”.

Usually, fans are outraged when purchasable Operator skins make players harder to see and give them an unfair advantage. The most obvious culprit was the invisible Gaia or “Groot” skin which received a post-launch nerf due to fan complaints.

Then there are the extremely loud skins skins that parade your location to everyone on the battlefield.

The Pop-Erator from the Sketched Out bundle is one such skin – it makes you stick out like a sore thumb. It gives you such a disadvantage in multiplayer, players are calling it “pay to lose”.

Pop-Erator Skin Is “Pay to Lose”

Soon after the Sketched Out bundle launched in MW3 and Warzone, players were quick to point out that the overly bright and colorful design of the Pop-Erator skin is “pay to lose”.

This fan could not help but point out the skin’s similarities to Fortnite:

The skin itself sports a vibrant cel-shaded design with bright contrasting colors similar to a comic book strip. All things considered, it’s a great-looking skin, though it really does make you stand out from the crowd in the worst way possible for a competitive multiplayer FPS title.

Many players on Reddit seem to agree with plenty calling it a “pay to lose skin”:

byu/KaMoITZ from discussion

Most agree that equipping it is a surefire way to direct enemy bullets toward you in MW3. RicanDevil4 admitted that they were able to kill a superior opponent because “it was so easy to spot him” in the Pop-Erator skin.

Reddit user pattperin says that wearing it is like “painting a literal target on the entirety of your body”. They go on to say that it “sticks out like a sore thumb”.

We’re inclined to agree with the MW3 fanbase here. It seems the Pop-Erator’s vibrant colors are a dramatic contrast to the general grey and brown color palette found in the majority of MW3’s multiplayer modes.

Pop-Erator Operator Skin in Sketched Out Bundle in MW3

Donning this Operator skin would really make you pop against these backgrounds. Those who equip it may as well paste a giant “shoot me” sign on their back. Equip it at your own risk!

How to Get Sketched Out Bundle

If you’re still looking to get the Pop-Erator skin from the Sketched Out bundle in MW3 and Warzone, you must head over to the Store tab in the COD HQ main menu and purchase it for 2,400 COD points.

If you have no COD Points saved, this will cost you €19.99 / $19.99 / £16.79.

Sketched Out Bundle in MW3 Storefront

All Bundle Contents

Here’s everything available in the Sketched Out bundle for MW3 and Warzone:

  • “Pop-Erator” Operator Skin
  • “Blam Blam” Assault Rifle Blueprint for the MCW
  • “Comic Carbine” SMG Blueprint for the Striker 9
  • “Is There Fall Damage?” Loading Screen
  • “Cleaver” Weapon Sticker
  • “Pop It” Emblem
  • “Stock Smash” Calling Card
  • “K1l-B0t” Weapon Charm

The bundle also adds a Screentone tracer effect to your bullets and an Action Panel dismemberment death effect when you kill an enemy.

To get a closer look at all the contents of the Sketched out bundle, including the Pop-Erator skin, check out this video from THE COD INSPECTOR:

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