Two brand new maps accompanied the arrival of Modern Warfare update 1.12 earlier this week. Unfortunately, one of these maps hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes from the community. Unless you haven’t figured it out, Modern Warfare Shipment spawns have been causing major problems in the game, so much so that one player has broken a world record for the fastest nuke.

A new video has emerged on Reddit from u/GalacticBanana15, which allegedly showcases the world’s fastest nuke in Modern Warfare. The player acquired a 30 killstreak in 41 seconds. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent to almost 1 kill per second.

World’s Fastest Nuke in Modern Warfare?

Spawns on Shipment REALLY need fixing… (41 second nuke) from r/modernwarfare

While we cannot doubt the player’s skill throughout the clip, this record was all thanks to the poor Modern Warfare Shipment spawns. The map has received backlash from the community since its release due to the way players spawn right in front of the opposition. This is great if you are the attacking team, but extremely unfair if you are on the receiving end.

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Of course, Shipment – the classic map from Call of Duty 4 – is renowned for its hectic and crazy play. However, it’s evident from the number of videos that spawns are becoming a problem. On a map with as many close-quarters as this, it’s understandable why Infinity Ward might be struggling with the spawns. You’re under risk of fire almost anywhere you spawn.

Shipment hasn’t always featured awful spawns, however. Think back to when Sledgehammer remade the map on Call of Duty WW2. To this day, many consider that version to be one of the best remakes of the map yet.

Everyone saying shipment spawns have always been bad have NEVER played this version from r/modernwarfare

It’s not only the spawns that are causing an uproar within the community. Players are also reporting that roughly just 20 percent of the time, they manage to find a lobby in Shipment.