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Poll Data Shows Which Next-Gen Console Will Sell the Most in the US

An independent study in the US has asked a cross-section of the population which next-gen console they’ll purchase in November.

An overwhelming majority said they had already pre-ordered their console of choice. And that console is the PS5.

Market research company VGM created the poll. The pollsters asked a series of questions about the next-gen hardware, specifically about their preferences.

The data that informed this poll was gathered between the 23rd and 25th of September and was from over 500 respondents.

Each respondent was also a gamer and was aware of the choice on offer to them. Understanding the difference between the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

15% of respondents confirmed they had successfully managed to pre-order their console of choice. Out of this group, 72% confirmed they pre-ordered the PS5 over the Xbox Series X.

It’s also worth noting that the version they went for was the full disk version. Not the digital-only edition.

However, an additional 10%, separate from the 72%, did opt for the digital edition of the PS5.

30% of respondents pre-ordered an Xbox Series X, with a further 8% opting for the smaller Xbox Series S.

Comparing the data shows that from the group who successfully pre-ordered their console of choice, 82% opted for a PS5 while 38% pre-ordered a next-gen Xbox console.

There was also a 10% overlap, implying that some people potentially pre-ordered both.

What About Those Who Couldn’t Pre-Order A Next-Gen Console?

29% of respondents from the raw data tried to pre-order a next-gen console but could not for some reason. Be it stock restrictions or other concerns.

58% admitted they would have ordered a PS5 (disk edition), while 21% said they would have ordered the digital edition.

Another 40% of respondents said they would have ordered an Xbox Series X, while 11% said they would have opted for an Xbox Series S.

The data once again swings in Sony’s favor, suggesting 79% of respondents would have ordered a PS5. And that 51% would have opted for an Xbox Series X/S.

Once again there was overlap, suggesting that 28% may have ordered both consoles if they could.

Naturally, there is a significant number of gamers who take a neutral stance when it comes to ‘console wars’. These gamers habitually buy both consoles for their exclusive games.

These gamers are often forgotten about in polls, as the focus is usually on Xbox vs. PlayStation. But gamers who buy both are more common than the figures suggest.

The difference is many of them are simply less vocal about their loyalties on social media. With even Nintendo often being part of this picture too.

It’s also possible that some gamers may pre-order one console at launch and then purchase the other later. This may go some way to explaining the overlap in the data.

This data may explain why Sony is so confident about the PS5. But it’s also worth pointing out that the Xbox Series X has also run out of pre-order stock, meaning it would be unwise to underestimate Microsoft at this stage.

Source: GamesIndustry.Biz