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Pokemon Unite Zeraora Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

The game’s only Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora will be a popular pick in Pokemon Unite – here’s the ultimate guide to its moves, items, strategy, and more!

Launch day has finally arrived and Pokemon Unite is live for anyone with a Nintendo Switch console. And if you’re dropping in early, you’ll need a guide to one of the game’s strongest characters!

Zeraora is a Speedster class whose focus is on melee combat. Get in close with this powerful Pokemon and you’ll be dealing huge damage – plus you’ve got excellent maneuverability to get in and out of danger quickly.

Here’s how to unlock Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite on Day One!

With so many people having Zeraora in their starting rosters already, it’s a popular choice in-game. But few players are using Zeraora as effectively as they could be right now.

pokemon unite guide zeraora
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Zeraora Build – Pokemon Unite

Unique Abilities

Volt Absorb – Gain an electric charge when receiving damage, then converts a portion of that damage into additional Attack power.

Basic Attack – Becomes a boosted attack with every 3rd attack, dealing increased damage and Paralyzing (slowing) the enemy while restoring health.


At level 1, Zeraora has two moves to choose from when entering the arena.

Level 1 / 3

Agility – 6s Cooldown – Dash, and attack faster for a short time.

Slash – 8.5s Cooldown – Dash to an opponent and attack it, knocking it back with the last hit.

When playing Speedster classes like Zeraora, abilities that let you move quickly are key. Agility is a great option for charging down escaping enemies or getting out of danger yourself.

However, if you choose Slash, you’ll be able to contribute more to combat with big damage, at the cost of a slower start to your game. We’d personally opt for Agility 9 times out of 10.

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Zeraora Slash Pokemon Unite
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Level 6

Volt Switch – 8s Cooldown – Dash through opponents, damaging them and increasing your Attack Speed. Use again to dash back.
Upgrade: Increased damage. Increased duration of Attack Speed boost.

Spark – 10s Cooldown – Leap at an opponent and shock it. Attacking while airborne will leap to the closest opponent instead. Can be used up to three times.
Upgrade: Attacking while airborne heals you.

Spark is an excellent move for chasing down opponents, don’t let its long cooldown fool you. Since the move can be used 3 times, it’s more useful than you’d think – plus you’ll get a heal out of it later in the game.

However, it’s hard to beat Volt Switch which helps you avoid enemy attacks while damaging them and boosting your Attack Speed. Volt Switch is also a great disengage move, as enemies must guess where you’ll use it and whether or not you’ll choose to dash back!

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Pokemon Unite Zeraora Volt Switch
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 8

Discharge – 12s Cooldown – Deals damage to nearby opponents and shields you. Paralyzed opponents are pulled towards you, stunned, and take damage a second time.
Upgrade: Decreases the Movement Speed of opponents hit.

Wild Charge – Charges forward, unleashing a combo upon impact at the expense of some of your own HP. The combo is longer if the opponent was recently hit by Volt Switch, Spark, or a boosted attack.
Upgrade: Deals damage in an area upon impact.

Discharge is the perfect combo move, helping out your team in fights while allowing you to rack up some big damage in the middle of the fray. If you can Paralyze your opponents with your melee attack, Discharge will help you secure that kill.

Wild Charge, on the other hand, is a high-risk, high-reward move that makes Zeraora a force to be reckoned with. This is the perfect move to finish off an enemy, especially one you’ve already hit with another ability.

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Zeraora Plasma Gale Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Plasma Gale – Deal damage to all opponents in an area, displacing them. While inside the plasma zone, you gain increased Attack Range and Damage.

The perfect way to get that elusive team-wipe, use Zeraora’s dash abilities to enter the fray and immediately use Plasma Gale. As they attempt to run out of your area, hit them with your abilities and boosted Attacks to secure some easy kills.

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Best Zeraora Items – Pokemon Unite

Held Items

  • Float Stone – Increased Movement Speed and Attack Damage
  • Muscle Band – Deal increased basic Attack Damage
  • Shell Bell – Heals the attacker’s HP when a special attack hits its target

You might also consider the Rocky Helmet to reflect damage back at attackers, making it a perfect item to take into the fray. Focus Band restores your HP when low too, making it a good option for those who prefer to run Wild Charge.

Battle Item

One of the most popular items you should be using with Zeraora is the X-Attack. This raises your Pokemon’s Attack and Special Attack for a short time, with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

If you’re opting to play Zeraora as a Jungler, instead consider the Fluffy Tail to stun nearby wild Pokemon and make them take more damage.

Zeraora Guide Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Zeraora Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Use Zeraora’s abilities to dash into the center of a team fight, using Plasma Gale to turn the tides of combat.
  • Try to combine your abilities for maximum damage output. Using your boosted basic attack in combination with Discharge is an excellent way to secure a kill.
  • Zeraora is an excellent pick for a Jungler. Try and assist both of your lanes while cleaning up wild Pokemon spawns.
  • Use moves like Volt Switch to mix up your opponents, making them confused about which way you’ll be moving next.

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