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Pokemon Unite Update Patch Notes – September 1

The Pokemon Unite September 1 update is here – and we’ve got the short but sweet patch notes for update

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived and Pokemon Unite finally has Blastoise on its roster. Ever since release day, players have been demanding the return of the popular Gen 1 starter, and he’s finally here.

Check out the very best Blastoise build in Pokemon Unite for one of the game’s strongest Defenders!

Pokemon Unite Blastoise
(Source: Nintendo)

And we’ve even got the new Pokemon Unite September 1 tier list if you want to see where Blastoise stacks up against other Pokemon.

In case you missed it, we already know which 2 Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Unite next!

Pokemon Unite September 1 Patch Notes – Version

Here are the brand-new Pokemon Unite patch notes for version

  • Blastoise is now available.
  • Fashionable Style Blastoise Holowear is now available.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Text fixes.

This minor update might bring one of our favorite Pokemon to the game, but it’s certainly disappointing to see no balance patch this time around.

That said, our most recent Pokemon Unite balance patch was huge, and it’s left the game in a very even meta. However, that’s not stopping players from being concerned about some overpowered Pokemon

We imagine we’ll see a more in-depth set of patch notes when Pokemon Unite’s mobile release date rolls around. After all, Tencent will likely want to make Pokemon Unite as balanced as possible when thousands of new players join the game.

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Pokemon Unite Blastoise Holowear
(Source: Nintendo)

And it looks like all Pokemon Unite mobile players will be able to get Pikachu for free in-game! On top of that, there’s an exclusive skin and bonus Aeos Tickets up for grabs.

Since Pokemon Unite still has some Pay to Win concerns, it’s nice to take all the free tickets you can get. Just be sure to use them to upgrade these Held Items first, to save yourself a grind!

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