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Pokemon Unite Trevenant Release Date & Gameplay Revealed

The latest character joining the ever-expanding roster in Pokemon Unite is the haunted tree Trevenant! Here’s the release date and first gameplay.

Pokemon fans are always excited to find out what new characters could be coming to popular Switch and mobile MOBA Pokemon Unite.

Last time, it was a fan favorite ‘Mon’s turn to join the battle as Dragonite finally arrived in Pokemon Unite. However, this newest Pokemon coming to the game is a bit more of a left-field suggestion.

Trevenant might not be the most well-known Pokemon, but fans already seem to love the choice to add it to the game.

Check out the Trevenant release date and first gameplay below!

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Pokemon Unite Trevenant
Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Release Date & Character Spotlight Gameplay

Huge leaks have already revealed more characters coming to Pokemon Unite so the announcement of Trevenant came as a surprise for many players.

What’s even more surprising is how soon the Trevenant will arrive in the game. While the English Pokemon Unite Twitter account didn’t include the character’s release date, it looks like the Japanese one did.

According to the Pokemon Unite Japan Twitter account, Trevenant will be coming to the game on January 20. This is just a week from today!

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Pokemon Unite Trevenant
Pokemon Unite

Additionally, the developer confirmed that Trevenant will be a defender, but we will have to wait a bit longer to find out the exact movest.

In the meantime though, you can get a good look at Trevenant’s moves in the character spotlight. This includes an AoE damage ability, a cage that pushes players back, and a powerful-looking Unite Move.

Will you be picking up Trevenant when it arrives in Pokemon Unite? Let’s hope it’s even more powerful than the other top-tier defenders Snorlax, Blastoise, and Crustle.

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Pokemon Unite

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