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Pokemon Unite Trevenant Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Trevenant was an unexpected pick for Pokemon Unite but the haunted tree Pokemon is incredible in its best build.

After Dragonite arrived in December 2021 and changed the Pokemon Unite meta for good, another All-Rounder is now here to take its place.

Trevenant is a Grass/Ghost Type Pokemon, which focuses on both 1v1 combat and crowd control. Because of this, it’s already earned quite the high placement on our new Pokemon Unite Tier List for 2022!

And if you’re a fan of new additions, we already know which Pokemon is coming to Pokemon Unite next – thanks to new leaked gameplay!

After the new January 20 patch notes nerfed some OP Pokemon hard, Trevenant could be ready to dominate the Unite meta.

At least, if you’re using its best build and move set!

Pokemon Unite Trevenant

Best Trevenant Build – Pokemon Unite


When starting the game as Phantump, players will quickly evolve into Trevenant at Level 5.

Unique Abilities

Basic Attack: Becomes a Boosted Attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage and restoring the user’s HP on hit.

Natural Cure: When the Pokemon with this ability is at low HP, it continuously recovers health for a short time. This also reduces the cooldowns of Trevenant’s moves.

Once the HP recovery is over, Natural Cure goes on cooldown. However, the delay is reduced each time you hit an opponent with a move.

Level 1/3

Will-O-Wisp – 6s Cooldown – Shoots 3 flames in a direction, damaging and burning opponents for a short time.

Branch Poke – 7.5s Cooldown – Has the user jab and dash in a direction, dealing damage and decreasing movement speed of enemy Pokemon on hit.

These starter moves make Trevenant an excellent Pokemon to steal enemy farm. Branch Poke can also lead to a quick early game kill if you catch someone unawares.

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Pokemon Unite Trevenant Wood Hammer

Level 5

Wood Hammer – 7s Cooldown – Trevenant pulls back two hammers and strikes a large AOE, dealing damage and pulling enemies in front of itself. If this deals damage to at least one enemy, a follow-up attack with a smaller AOE will be available.

Enemies struck by the second blow will be unable to act for a short time, or a longer time if Trevenant’s HP is low. Every time this move is used, Trevenant loses HP.
Upgrade: The follow-up attack also decreases enemy damage for a short time.

Curse – 6s Cooldown – Trevenant creates a cursed zone in exchange for some of its HP. Enemies in the zone take damage over time and get decreased movement speed. The lower Trevenant’s HP, the slower enemies move.

While using this move, a Curse bar builds up every time Trevenant deals or receives damage. Activating the ability again will deal damage in an AOE. If Curse’s power is at maximum when this occurs, Branch Poke, Horn Leech, and Pain Split Cooldowns are reset.
Upgrade: Increases this move’s AOE.

Wood Hammer is an excellent pick for the tankier Trevenant builds. After all, not only can you center all enemies in one place, but the move also deals nice damage and helps your team secure the kill.

On the other hand, taking Curse is another excellent team fight ability that can stop enemies from escaping and deal big damage on full charge. Plus, the move resetting Horn Leech can lead to some powerful sustain on Trevenant.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Horn Leech

Level 7

Horn Leech – 8.5s Cooldown – Trevenant charges forward, dealing damage and shoving enemies. Colliding with enemies will recover HP, and you’ll get greater recovery the lower your HP is too.

After charging, Trevenant launches all enemies into the air for additional damage. After this move hits an enemy, Trevenant can deal 3 increased damage basic attacks, which also reduce this move’s cooldown on hit.
Upgrade: Increases Trevenant’s movement speed for a short time on hit.

Pain Split – 10s Cooldown – Creates a link between Trevenant and an opposing Pokemon. While active, the user redirects a portion of damage received to the linked Pokemon. The lower Trevenant’s XP, the higher percentage of damage gets redirected.

In addition, if you’re at a lower HP than your opponent, the move continuously recovers HP to the user and drains the opponent. If the distance gets too large, the link will break. Also, using this move will increase Trevenant’s movement speed for a short time.
Upgrade: Increases the time the link sticks around for.

It’s hard to pick which ability is better without analyzing the enemy team here. However, while Pain Split has its advantages, Horn Leech is great crowd control and quickly helps you recover health in a pinch.

Pain Split is excellent for 1v1 combat, but Horn Leech will dominate in a team fight. Just be wary – the move is much slower than you expect and cannot be canceled.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Unite Move

Level 9

Unite Move – Phantom Forest – Creates a cursed forest that damages enemies in its AOE, as well as throwing them and decreasing movement speed. For a short time, all affected enemies will take increased damage from ally basic attacks.

Trevenant also gains a shield for each opposing Pokemon hit, and HP recovery effects are strengthened while shielded.

Phantom Forest is a fantastic unite move, but one that should only be used when it hits 3 or more enemies. Use it in tandem with abilities like Horn Leech to quickly regain health after tanking a fight.

Thanks to the move’s debuffs, enemies should quickly fall to your allies’ boosted attacks after taking the hit. Be sure to be part of a group when casting this ability.

Best Trevenant Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Trevenant, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite.

Held Items

  • Weakness Policy – Increases the Pokemon’s Attack for a short time when the Pokemon receives damage. The increase grows larger as more damage is received.
  • Buddy Barrier – When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that Pokemon and a nearby ally are granted a shield.
  • Focus Band – When the Pokemon drops to low HP, it begins to heal a percentage of its health every second for 3 seconds.

These items will keep Trevenant alive, even when it drops to low HP, which is exactly where it wants to be. You could also try running Energy Amplifier, to truly turn the tides with each Unite Move.

Battle Items

As ever, Eject Button is an excellent option for all Pokemon. However, perhaps Trevenant will make excellent use of the new buffs to Smoke Screen.

Potion could also be a quick and easy way to ensure you stay alive, even on low HP.

Trevenant Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • Always try and be in the thick of the fight. Trevenant works best as a drain tank, keeping his allies safe as he battles the opponents.
  • Move with allies in team fights. Trevenant’s abilities often benefit his team as well as debuff the enemy players.
  • Your Unite Move will often determine battles by itself. Be sure to hit multiple enemies when your allies are nearby.
  • Use Buddy Barrier and your Unite Move in tandem to stay alive, casting Phantom Forest when you hit low HP for best results!
  • Using Horn Leech, then a max damage Curse will reset Horn Leech for a second use. This is the combo that will keep you alive, even when you should reasonably be dead!

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