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Pokemon Unite Tier List With Greedent – October 20 Halloween Update

Our updated Pokemon Unite Tier List is here and it features the new Pokemon Greedent – check out how the October 20 Halloween patch has changed the meta!

Pokemon Unite players are always looking for the newest meta character to use. However, keeping up with the meta can be challenging with so many balancing updates.

The new Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival event not only added a brand new character in Greedent but also changed a load of existing Pokemon.

This has led to a much-changed tier list following the October 20 update.

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Greedent Pokemon Unite

What Tier is Greedent in Pokemon Unite?

There is still some debate around the best Greedent build in Pokemon Unite at the moment. However, it is a very powerful Pokemon no matter which moves you pick.

This Defender can take a load of damage and can also heal itself and its teammates. What’s more, Greedent’s Unite Move is totally broken right now and lets it shred through any Pokemon in the game.

Therefore, we have made a new rank, especially for Greedent all the way at the top of our Pokemon Unite Tier List. It had to be done and Greedent will stay there until it gets a significant nerf.

You’ll definitely want to find out how to unlock Greedent for free in Pokemon Unite, before the inevitable nerf.

Greedent Pokemon Unite

Updated Pokemon Unite Tier List After October 20 Halloween Patch & Greedent Release

These are just our early impressions following the update, so this is bound to change a bit over the coming days. However, Greedent’s overpowered Unite Move giving it over 4000 DPS has propelled the gluttonous squirrel straight to the top of our new Tier List:

S+ Tier:

S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

C Tier:

Despite having the latest Pokemon, Greedent, this Tier List is bound to change very soon. This is because a leak has revealed even more Pokemon coming to Unite soon.

Pokemon Unite October 20 update

In other news, the October 20 Pokemon Unite update has also changed the game in another huge way. Both Zapdos and Drednaw have gotten major nerfs.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite players are still furious about the overpriced new Holowear. It’s even more expensive than you think!

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