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Pokemon Unite Tier List After Decidueye Patch – November 19 Update

There’s a brand-new Pokemon Unite patch here, and Decidueye is finally on the Pokemon Unite tier list on November 19.

The November 19 update for Pokemon Unite may bring an end to the Halloween fun, but it’s also adding a new Ghost-type to the game!

As leaks suggested, Decidueye is the newest addition to the Pokemon Unite roster. But we already know who’s coming to the Pokemon MOBA next!

Decidueye Pokemon Unite

It seems that Pokemon Unite Season 2 has some huge hidden changes for players to get accustomed to. And how better to explore the new update than with a new Pokemon?

If you want to see exactly how Decidueye stacks up against the Pokemon Unite tier list, here are our latest findings on November 19.

And check out the best Decidueye build here, as well as the essential guide to any Pokemon in the list below!

Pokemon Unite Tier List – November 19

S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

C Tier:

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As a first impression, it appears that Decidueye isn’t as overpowered as recent Pokemon Unite additions. In fact, a lot of players will probably give up on the new bird rather quickly.

Despite Decidueye putting out incredible DPS at great range, it has little in the way of movement options. If you don’t have a teammate backing you up, you’ll die incredibly fast to an enemy Speedster in Pokemon Unite.

However, it’s worth noting that Decidueye’s Unite Move is the perfect objective stealer, and has insane range to steal Zapdos from safety. If you can grind the new Attacker up to his final form early, you’ll carry the game on DPS alone.

Returning players may notice that Zapdos and Drednaw have big changes in the new update!

And one reliable leak is confirming yet another new Pokemon coming soon to Pokemon Unite.

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