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Pokemon Unite Tier List – Best Pokemon and Builds – July 2021

Pokemon Unite is finally here, and we’ve got the ultimate tier list to help you choose who to take into battle!

When it comes to a MOBA, balance is key. A game’s developer has to get things exactly right to keep the game fair and balanced.

However, as ever, there will always be Pokemon that outshine the rest of the pack. And despite it being early in the game’s lifespan, we have a tier list to help you decide who is worth unlocking early in the game.

Make sure to choose the best Pokemon Unite starter accordingly!

And, spoiler alert, we recommend unlocking Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite for a great top-tier Speedster!

UPDATE: Check out the updated Pokemon Unite Tier List for August 2021 here!

Pokemon Unite Tier List July 2021 Best Pokemon Builds More
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite Tier List – July 2021

Although it’s early days in Pokemon Unite right now, many players already have a good idea of the game’s tier list.

We’ve combined some of the most popular opinions to create the ultimate Pokemon Unite tier list. However, bear in mind that we expect some Pokemon to get buffs or nerfs in the near future

It’s also likely that public opinion will change as players get better with each character and items. But here’s what we’re finding in the opening week of Pokemon Unite:

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S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

C Tier:

It’s worth noting that even the C Tier Pokemon in this Unite Tier list are still incredibly powerful contenders and we’re sure we’ll see some players moving around in next month’s update.

But many players are worried about whether Pokemon Unite is Pay to Win!

Pokemon Unite Build Guides

Check out our full list of build guides for every Pokemon in Unite below:

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Thursday 22nd of July 2021

thanks for the guide! link for crustle build is broken btw it goes to zeraroa

Maxwell Jeffery

Friday 23rd of July 2021

Thanks for letting me know! Changed it to a working link now