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Pokemon Unite Tier List After Trevenant Patch – January 20 Update

It’s time for a brand-new Pokemon Unite tier list, as Trevenant arrives in the MOBA on January 20.

It’s been a whole month since our last Pokemon Unite tier list on December 20, and the meta is certainly changing. After Dragonite, Tsareena, and Lucario have been dictating the flow of the game for too long, each has been struck with a heavy nerf.

Meanwhile, some of Pokemon Unite’s worst Pokemon got amazing buffs in the new patch. Check out the full Pokemon Unite January 20 patch notes here!

And we’re already getting new leaks about which Pokemon will arrive after Trevenant in Unite. Although Dragonite, Wobbuffet and more appear to be on the way, a new Pokemon reveal is surprising everyone!

Without further ado, here’s out tier list for Pokemon Unite, after the Trevenant update on January 20, 2022.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant

Pokemon Unite Tier List – January 2022

S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

C Tier:

This time around, the Pokemon Unite January 20 tier list is far more contained than its predecessor. With heavy nerfs, Lucario is no longer SS Tier, and some of the strongest challengers are dropping considerably.

After being so dominant in Season 1, Gengar has been in a tricky spot for some time. Now, with some impressive buffs, the Pokemon might be having its second wind.

Meanwhile, Garchomp is finally a viable pick in the meta! And at this point, it feels like any Pokemon could work, in the right hands.

But no longer do we have to suffer through any Pokemon being insanely overpowered in Pokemon Unite. Unless, that is, Trevenant turns out to be scarier than it seems so far!

Check out your favorite ‘mon’s build guide above!

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