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Pokemon Unite Tier List After Sylveon Update – October 6

Our updated Pokemon Unite Tier list for October is in and it features the latest character in the game – Sylveon. But where does this Eeveelution rank?

The meta in Pokemon Unite is always changing. And a new character entering the bottle is a better excuse than ever to update our Tier List.

Players were very excited to find out that Sylveon was coming to Pokemon Unite, but this excitement has just gone up a notch. The early impressions of Sylveon suggest that it could compete near the very top of the Pokemon Unite Tier List.

But before you find out where Sylveon ranks, you’ll want to know the best Sylveon build in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Sylveon

What Tier is Sylveon in Pokemon Unite?

The Pokemon Unite subreddit has a whole Megathread on the Sylveon launch, but there is only one topic on the mind of players.

Fans of the game have already decided that Sylveon’s abilities are “too much” at the very least. Meanwhile, other players are calling the character “broken”.

The high damage attacks and self-healing ability seem to make this character way more powerful than others in the game right now.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that we have decided to put Sylveon immediately in S Tier of our October Pokemon Unite Tier List.

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Pokemon Unite Tier List After October Sylveon Patch

In addition to adding Sylveon to our October Pokemon Unite Tier List, we have also made a number of changes. This includes the previous new Pokemon Mamoswine being upgraded to A Tier.

S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

C Tier:

What do you think of Sylveon’s placement in Pokemon Unite Tier List for October? Many players are already asking for a Sylveon nerf though, so don’t be surprised if it drops a tier or two soon.

Pokemon Unite

Meanwhile, Pokemon Unite fans are not happy at this insanely expensive Holowear. Let’s hope that microtransactions in the game don’t become even more expensive.

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