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Pokemon Unite Tier List After Mobile Release Update – September 22

Pokemon Unite has finally arrived on mobile and a huge balancing update arrived with it – check out our updated tier list following a load of buffs and nerfs.

With a cast of over 20 playable characters in Pokemon Unite, it’s hard to keep the game balanced. Luckily, the developer listens to player feedback and regularly releases balancing updates.

It has been a while since the last major Pokemon Unite patch, but it was well worth the wait.

Not only has the September 22 update added loads of great new features like crossplay, super item enhancers, and new held items, it has also addressed the pay-to-win concerns in Pokemon Unite.

The update even changed most of the Pokemon in the game to make Pokemon Unite more balanced and the tier list closer than ever.

But before you have a look at our updated Tier List, check out every buff and nerf in the Pokemon Unite September 22 update.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Tier List After September 22 Patch

With plenty of changes to almost every Pokemon in the game, the new Pokemon Unite Tier List is looking very different to before. Here is how we would rank all of the playable Pokemon right now:

S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

What do you think of our updated Pokemon Unite Tier List? It’s bound to change again soon as Mamoswine and Sylveon are coming to Pokemon Unite.

What’s more, some brand-new Sylveon and Mamoswine gameplay has been revealed.

Pokemon Unite

In other news, Pokemon Unite players have been using some very clever strategies to get more wins. Firstly, this overpowered Drednaw tactic will make getting wins easy!

Secondly, players have found an interesting tip to do with taking down the legendary Pokemon Zapdos. Find out how to KO Zapdos faster in Pokemon Unite.

Also, for all you new players, make sure to find out the best starter Pokemon to choose in Pokemon Unite. It’s a big decision so you’ll want to be clued up before you pick.

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