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Pokemon Unite Tier List After Blastoise Update – September 1

Today, September 1, we finally got the long-awaited Blastoise update in Pokemon Unite, and the game’s tier list is changing too.

Since launch, we’ve been able to play as all our favorite Gen 1 starter Pokemon, with one notable exception. Blastoise has been missing from the Pokemon Unite roster for a long time, but it’s finally here!

And he’s not the only new addition to the game’s roster! We just learned about 2 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite very soon.

Our last addition quickly became a top-tier must-have Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. But how does Blastoise stack up against the competition?

With only days to go until Pokemon Unite’s mobile release date, you’ll want to know which Pokemon are worth your hard-earned Aeos Coins. So here is your new Pokemon Unite tier list for the September 1 update.

Pokemon Unite Tier List Blastoise Patch
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite Tier List After September 1 Patch

The Pokemon Unite September 1 patch doesn’t bring a lot in the way of tier list balancing, but the meta is still changing steadily.

After the game’s last major update, Pokemon Unite is more balanced than it has ever been. Maybe that’s why we aren’t getting a balance patch with the September 1 update.

Check out the official Pokemon Unite patch notes for update here!

In the following tier list, we combine some of the most popular opinions to create the ultimate meta guide. However, do note that we expect some Pokemon to move around the list as time goes on.

If any major meta changes begin to develop, we’ll adjust the Pokemon Unite September 1 tier list accordingly.

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S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

Blastoise’s incredible moveset and stats make it a clear choice for Defender fans. However, it’s still not enough to secure it as a must-have pick when Snorlax is in the game.

Check out the best Blastoise build in Pokemon Unite here!

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Although Pokemon Pay to Win concerns still have fans worried, the game is being fairly generous with Pokemon pricing so far. That said, with new additions to the roster dropping every few weeks, you should pick your purchases carefully!

Thankfully, everyone on Pokemon Unite mobile will get Pikachu for free! And with that in mind, you can get 2 starter Pokemon instead of just one.

And finally, be sure to take a look at this new Pokemon Unite Drednaw strategy to win every game!

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