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Pokemon Unite Tier List After Balance Patch – August 18

We just got a huge new Pokemon Unite balance patch – here’s our updated tier list for August 18!

It’s only been two weeks since our last Pokemon Unite balance patch and already Tencent is shaking things up again. The dust has barely settled on the last major update and already gamers will have to switch up their tactics once more.

This time around, some of the game’s heaviest hitters are feeling the impact. And for Snorlax and Garchomp mains, things are about to change.

What’s more, the new Pokemon Unite August 18 patch notes report a nerf is here for Eject Button too! Now, the Battle Item will take longer to recharge after use, leading to indirect buffs to Speedsters like Gengar and Zeraora who were already strong in-game.

But fans are still debating – is Pokemon Unite Pay to Win? We’re over a month into the game’s lifespan now, and we can safely confirm the truth.

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Pokemon Unite Tier List After August 18 Balance Patch

We’ve got a brand-new Pokemon Unite August 18 balance patch to explore, as major changes drop into the meta.

We’ve combined some of the most popular opinions in order to create the ultimate Pokemon Unite tier list. However, it’s important to note that we do expect some Pokemon to move around this list in the near future.

It takes a little while for the Pokemon Unite meta to settle, and we’ll be adjusting this list as new evidence arises.

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S Tier:

A Tier:

B Tier:

Although Snorlax got hit by some heavy nerfs in the August 18 patch, he’s still Pokemon Unite’s best Defender by a long shot. What’s more, with Slowbro also getting some hard nerfs, Snorlax is still an essential pick for any team.

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Excitingly, Garchomp’s early game got big improvements in this update, making the Pokemon a more viable pick. And Gardevoir’s moves now working as intended makes it even more of a walking nuke than it was before!

Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Although Zeraora and Gengar didn’t get any buffs in this patch, the Battle Item changes were enough to move them up in the rankings. After all, with Fluffy Tail buffs making Junglers more impactful and Eject Button nerfs making it harder to escape a dive, both Pokemon are still an ever-looming threat.

As for Blissey, the new Supporter Pokemon has gone straight to S Tier. Only time will tell if they keep this rank, but the new Pokemon is the best healer in the game, and has plenty of utility to boot.

Recently, fans discovered that Pokemon Unite gives players bot games on losing streaks! Make sure to pick from the top end of this tier list and you may be able to avoid the insult.

Although Pokemon Unite Pay to Win concerns still have players worried, it doesn’t seem to be too big of an issue yet. That said, when the game’s competitive scene establishes itself, it’ll be a different story.

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