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Pokemon Unite Teases Decidueye Being the Next Character

It looks like the next new character coming to Pokemon Unite is the grass/ghost type Gen 7 starter Decidueye. Check out the first teaser!

With hundreds of Pokemon to choose from, deciding which beloved monster to put into Pokemon Unite must be a pretty hard choice.

Following the launch roster, we have already gotten a load of new Pokemon. This includes fan-favorite gen 1 starter Blastoise, tanky healer Blissey, and fan-favorite Eeveelution Sylveon.

However, this is only just the beginning of Pokemon Unite and there are plenty more on the way. What’s more, the grass/ghost type Decidueye has been teased for Pokemon Unite too.

But before you find out the details, check out the hidden changes made in the Pokemon Unite Season 2 update.

Decidueye Pokemon Unite

Decidueye Coming to Pokemon Unite Soon?

Following leaks that some new Pokemon were coming to Unite, the game’s official Twitter account has shared a very interesting teaser.

The teaser poses the question: “Who is that flying true like an arrow into the Pokemon Unite arena?” This message is accompanied by an image of some arrows being fired, surrounded by a green aura.

Pokemon fans believe this is hinting at the addition of fan-favorite Pokemon Decidueye into Pokemon Unite soon. After all, who else could it be?

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The grass/ghost type is the evolution of Gen 7 starter Rowlett and could be a formidable opponent to face, thanks to its archery skills.

Let’s just hope Decidueye isn’t as overpowered as Greedent was at launch.

Make sure to stay updated for more news about Decidueye in Pokemon Unite – hopefully, the release date is coming soon.

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Pokemon Unite

Meanwhile, where do you think Decidueye will fit into our latest Pokemon Unite Tier List? Let’s hope it is powerful, but not game-breaking!

In other news, the Halloween update for Pokemon Unite made some huge changes to the game. Not only did powerful Pokemon Venusaur and Lucario get huge nerfs, but the update also changed the flow of the game.

Zapdos and Drednaw are now much weaker than before, shaking up the meta of the game significantly. Players are still trying to work out the best strategies.

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