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Pokemon Unite Talonflame Build: Best Moves, Items, Strategy & More

Talonflame is one of the best starter Pokemon in Unite’s roster – here’s a guide to using it effectively in-game.

The Fire/Flying-type Talonflame is quite possibly the fastest Speedster in Pokemon Unite right now. What’s more, it’s capable of dropping excellent damage on opponents, and getting out of danger before they know what’s happened.

When choosing from Pokemon Unite’s list of starters, Talonflame is a good option for players who want to get in and score points all over the map. It’s also a perfect fit for those who value speed over endurance in MOBAs like Unite.

Without further ado, here’s the ultimate guide to playing Talonflame, with all the best moves, items, strategy, and more!

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Talonflame Pokemon Unite Guide
(Source: Nintendo)

Talonflame Build – Pokemon Unite


When selecting Talonflame, you start off the game as a Fletchling and have to evolve up to your final form. You evolve to Fletchinder at level 5 and Talonflame at level 7.

Unique Abilties

Gale Wings – Talonflame gets increased Movement Speed at high HP.

Basic Attack – Every third attack does AOE damage.


Level 1 / 3

Peck – 5s Cooldown – Flies in close to rapidly peck an opponent 3 times.

Acrobatics – 8s Cooldown – Attacks multiple times before escaping in a given direction when activated again.

Although you’ll be earning both of these abilities in quick succession, Acrobatics is the better choice. In early team fights, you’ll be able to both deal damage and escape unharmed with no issue.

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Talonflame Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 5

Flame Charge – 6.5s Cooldown – Charges forward cloaked in flame and briefly increases Movement Speed.
Upgrade: Moves partially ignore Defense for a short time after hitting an opposing Pokémon.

Aerial Ace – 6s Cooldown – Fly directly at an opposing Pokémon to attack them. Your following basic attack will be a boosted attack.
Upgrade: Increased damage.

Both of these options are good choices for Talonflame, who gains a new dash either way. However, while Flame Charge can help you ignore Defense after its upgrade, Aerial Ace will dish out some real damage.

Pokemon Unite Talonflame Aerial Ace

Level 7

Fly – 11s Cooldown – Flies high out of range, becoming untargetable, then dives into the ground dealing AOE damage.
Upgrade: Displaces opponents from the area on impact.

Brave Bird – 10s Cooldown – Dive bombs an area at the expense of your own HP. Performing a boosted attack within a set amount of time after this attack will reset your Flame Charge or Aerial Ace cooldown.
Upgrade: Reduces the self-damage that is done to you.

It’s incredibly tempting to take Fly with Talonflame. After all, the move does decent damage and makes you completely untargetable, even able to pass over the stage barriers with ease.

But Brave Bird is an incredibly hard-hitting option that can even reset your Level 5 attack cooldown. Partner this with Aerial Ace and you’ll be melting opponents even without a Unity Move.

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Talonflame Fly Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Level 9

Unite Move – Flame Sweep – Somersaults and sweeps a line of flame, displacing opponents and dealing damage.

Flame Sweep is an unstoppable move with great utility. Fly behind your opponents and push them towards your team with an unstoppable wall of flame.

Alternatively, push enemies away from key objectives such as Zapdos or your goals.

Talonflame Flame Sweep Pokemon Unite
(Source: Nintendo)

Best Talonflame Items – Pokemon Unite

When playing Talonflame, here are the best items to use in Pokemon Unite:

Held Items

  • Scope Lens – Boost Critical Hit Damage
  • Attack Weight – Permanently increases Attack upon scoring a goal
  • Float Stone – Move faster when not in combat

You could also consider bringing a Shell Bell to recover faster from Brave Bird and get to full health for your speed boost. Wise Glasses will also boost your one-shot kill potential in a big way.

Battle Items

Without a doubt, the Eject Button is key when playing Talonflame to give you the escape you need against disadvantageous situations. X Attack is also a popular choice, to make Talonflame one of the game’s best burst damage dealers

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Talonflame Strategy in Pokemon Unite

  • With Talonflame, try not to remain in fights for too long. You excel at dropping huge damage and getting out fast.
  • Very few Pokemon, if any, will be able to catch Talonflame in a chase. Use this to disengage until your cooldowns are ready to go.
  • With abilities like Fly, Talonflame can easily traverse the map and ambush enemies. Try to use your speed to zip around the map and make enemies afraid of leaving either lane undefended.
  • Use Flame Sweep to keep enemies away from areas they’re desperately trying to get to, or push an unsuspecting player towards your team.

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