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Pokemon Unite: Sylveon Nerf Detailed With Numbers – October 8 Patch Notes

It didn’t take long for Sylveon to get a nerf – here are the Pokemon Unite patch notes for October 8!

It’s been just 2 days since the launch of Sylveon in Pokemon Unite and the fan-favorite Pokemon wasted no time becoming top-tier.

Since the mobile release date of Pokemon Unite, we’ve had two new additions join the game’s roster. However, only one of those shot to the top of the Pokemon Unite Tier List in no time.

Pokemon Unite Sylveon

Players quickly realized that Sylveon was by far the most powerful Pokemon in the game. And now, just 48 hours later, we’re getting Pokemon Unite’s latest emergency balance patch.

Somehow though, this incredibly overpowered Venusaur build is still your best bet in Pokemon Unite…

Pokemon Unite October 8 Patch Notes Explained – Sylveon Nerf

Although Pokemon Unite’s October 8 patch notes are as unhelpful as ever, we’ve got the numbers for you here.

Pokemon Unite fans rejoice – a Sylveon nerf is here without too much of a wait! Although this top-tier Sylveon build in Pokemon Unite was a lot of fun to play, it wasn’t fair to the other players.

Now, Tencent is hoping to bring Sylveon in line with the other Pokemon, without taking away from the launch hype.

Of course, the October 8 Pokemon Unite patch notes are as vague as ever, but we do know what moves have received changes. It looks like Hyper Voice and Mystical Fire will deal less damage from now on – but how much less exactly?

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Pokemon Unite October 8 Full Patch Notes With Numbers

Although the official Pokemon Unite patch note announcement doesn’t reveal how impactful the nerf is, players are already doing some testing.

Thanks to Serebii, we now know exactly how much damage Sylveon will be doing with its nerfed moveset.

Mystical Fire

  • Pre-Patch: 1651 first hit, 417-431 follow-up hits – 3346 total.
  • Post-Patch: 1049 first hit, 265 subsequent hits – 2126 total.

Hyper Voice (Near)

  • Pre-Patch: 3602 total.
  • Post-Patch: 397 per hit, 2890 total.

Hyper Voice (Far)

  • Pre-Patch: 824 per hit, 6006 total.
  • Post-Patch: 662 per hit, 4825 total.

Will these changes be enough to put Sylveon in a healthy place in the meta? Only time will tell.

For now at least, there’s a new issue outraging Pokemon Unite fans!

On top of that, a lot of players are only just now realizing that there’s a new major buff to Rotom in Pokemon Unite.

And does Pokemon Unite’s mobile release fix its Pay to Win issues? We’ve done some analysis and things are looking good!

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