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Pokemon Unite Season 2 Update Has Some Huge Hidden Changes

Pokemon Unite Season 2 has finally arrived but fans of the game think this update is a major letdown thanks to some hidden changes!

Pokemon Unite is constantly adding more content. Whether it is new playable characters, holowear, or some cool new outfits for your trainer, every update seems to introduce something new.

The new seasonal updates for Pokemon Unite should be the biggest. After all, it’s the perfect time to introduce some new content in the form of the Battle Pass.

However, despite the new Pokemon Unite Battle Pass, fans are feeling totally let down by the Season 2 update. But why?

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Pokemon Unite

Hidden Changes in Pokemon Unite Season 2 Update

Pokemon fans were hoping that they would at least get some hints at these leaked upcoming Pokemon Unite characters in the Season 2 update. This isn’t the only thing that’s missing though.

A new post on the Pokemon Unite subreddit has uncovered some changes in the Season 2 update that players are not happy with.

Firstly, the Daily Missions are gone from the events tab. This means that players have less opportunity to earn Aeos Coins, Tickets, and Item Enhancers.

This is especially bad news as Pokemon Unite already limits how many coins you can get.

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Pokemon Unite

Secondly, the Stakeout Style: Garchomp is no longer available to get anywhere. This means that players who haven’t got it yet may never have the chance to pick it up again.

Let’s hope it doesn’t reappear in an insanely expensive Pokemon Unite Holowear bundle.

Finally, the Season 2 update also removed a number of skins from the Holowear Ticket Exchange. While the new Shrine Style: Crustle is there, there are many skins missing now.

Let’s hope that these changes get reverted soon, otherwise, the player base could quickly become annoyed.

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Finally, players have to make a choice of what system to play Pokemon Unite on. But is Pokemon Unite better on Nintendo Switch or mobile?

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Pokemon unite is the worst moba